Passive electronically scanned array

Passive electronically scanned array

A passive electronically scanned array (PESA), as opposed to its active counterpart AESA, is a phased array which has a central radiofrequency source (such as a magnetron, a klystron or a travelling wave tube), sending energy into (usually digitally-controlled) phase shift modules, which then send energy into the various emitting elements in the front of the antenna. AESA devices, in contrast, have each of their elements contain its own radiofrequency source. A PESA radar is therefore simpler to construct than an AESA.

Most phased array radars in the world are PESA. Microwave Landing System uses PESA transmit-only arrays.

List of PESA radars

*AN/SPQ-11 "Cobra Judy"
*AN/SPY-1 Aegis combat system
*AN/TPQ-36 and AN/TPQ-37 Firefinder radars
*AN/APY-1/2 E-3 Sentry
*AN/APQ-164 B-1B (Northrop Grumman formerly Westinghouse ESG)
*AN/APQ-181 B-2 Spirit
*"Flap Lid" and "Tomb Stone" for the SA-10 and SA-20 systems
*Rajendra Radar [ [ DRDO LRDE Radar Systems] ]
*Zaslon, first-ever electronically scanned radar in a fighter jet (MIG-31)
*RBE2 (Rafale)

ee also

*Active electronically scanned array
*Phased array


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