1917 in Australia

1917 in Australia

Infobox Australian year
year = 1917
monarch = George V
governor-general = Ronald Munro-Ferguson
pm =Billy Hughes
population = 4,940,815
australian =
elections =Federal, New South Wales, Western Australia, Victoria
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1916 in Australia,
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1918 in Australia and the
Timeline of Australian history.

"As of 1917 Australia's population was still only 5 million, with most people living in scattered rural areas. The sea voyage to Britain took two months, and land transport within Australia itself was slow." [cite web
last = Diamond
first = Jared
authorlink = Jared Diamond
coauthors =
year = 1992
url = http://muweb.millersville.edu/~columbus/data/art/DIAMOND1.ART
title = The Arrow of Disease
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publisher = Discover (October 1992 vol. 13 Number 10 pp. 64-73)
accessdate = 2006-06-25


*Monarch – King George V
*Governor-General – The Right Hon. Sir Ronald Munro-Ferguson
*Prime MinisterBilly Hughes

tate premiers

*Premier of New South WalesWilliam Holman
*Premier of South AustraliaCrawford Vaughan (until July 14), then Archibald Peake
*Premier of QueenslandT. J. Ryan
*Premier of TasmaniaWalter Lee
*Premier of Western AustraliaFrank Wilson (until June 28), then Henry Lefroy
*Premier of VictoriaSir Alexander Peacock (until November 29), then John Bowser

tate governors

*Governor of New South Wales – Sir Gerald Strickland (until October 28)
*Governor of South AustraliaLieutenant Colonel Sir Henry Galway
*Governor of QueenslandMajor Sir Hamilton Goold-Adams
*Governor of TasmaniaSir William Ellison-Macartney (until 31 March), then Sir Francis Newdegate (from July 6)
*Governor of Western AustraliaMajor General Sir Harry Barron (until February 27), then Sir William Ellison-Macartney (from April 9)
*Governor of VictoriaSir Arthur Stanley


*March 20 – Lieutenant Frank Hubert McNamara becomes the first Australian airman to receive the Victoria Cross.
*May 5 – A federal election is held. The incumbent Nationalist government led by Billy Hughes is returned to power.
*May 5Queenslanders reject a referendum to abolish the state's Legislative Council. [ [http://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/Committees/view/forSchools/documents/factSheets/Sheet%2039-%20%20ABOLITION%20OF%20THE%20UPPER%20HOUSE%20.pdf Abolition of the Upper House] , Parliament of Queensland, 27 March 2001.]
*August 2 – The General Strike of 1917 begins, a massive industrial action involving over 100,000 workers in support of railway workers in Sydney.
*October 17 – The two halves of the Trans-Australian Railway meet.
*November 15 – A general election is held in Victoria. The Commonwealth Liberal Party led by John Bowser defeats the incumbent Labour government led by Sir Alexander Peacock.
*November 29 – The "Warwick Incident" takes place in the town of Warwick, Queensland. A man throws an egg at Prime Minister Billy Hughes, and the refusal of Queensland Police to arrest him leads to the forming of the Commonwealth Police Force. [ [http://www.archivenet.gov.au/text_only/treasures/qld_intro.html The Warwick incident, Queensland 1917] , Queensland State Archives.]
*December 12 – The Royal Australian Navy battlecruiser HMAS "Australia" is damaged in a collision with the British cruiser HMS "Repulse".
*December 20 – The second plebiscite on the issue of military conscription was held; it was defeated.

Arts and literature

* Foundation of Australian Entertainment Industry Association (AEIA), the peak body for Australia’s live entertainment and performing arts industry.


*19 March - "Our friends the Hayseeds" released in Sydney. The film made by Beaumont Smith was Australia's first substantial film comedy.


* "Westcourt" wins the Melbourne Cup
* The Sheffield Shield was not contested due to the war.


*February 17Harry Gibbs, Chief Justice of the High Court (d. 2005)
*March 11Nancy Cato, writer (d. 2000)
*March 14John McCallum, actor
*March 21Frank Hardy, novelist ("Power Without Glory") (d. 1994)
*March 25Barbara Jefferis, author (d. 2004)
*April 22Sidney Nolan, artist (d. 1992)
*April 30Mervyn Wood, Olympic rower (d. 2006)
*May 3James Penberthy, composer (d. 1999)
*May 15Ron Saggers, cricketer (d. 1987)
*May 25James Plimsoll, Governor of Tasmania from 1982–1987 (d. 1987)
*June 2Peggy Antonio, female Test cricketer (d. 2002)
*July 14Pat Moran, statistician (d. 1988)
*July 17Jack Beale, politician and first Environment Minister (d. 2006)
*August 19Laurie Aarons, leader of the Australian Communist Party (d. 2005)
*August 20Dudley Erwin, politician (d. 1984)
*September 7John Cornforth, Australian chemist, Nobel Prize laureate
*September 12Charles Jones, politician (d. 2003)
*September 19Paterson Clarence Hughes, RAF pilot (d. 1940)
*September 30Kim Edward Beazley, Federal politician (d. 2007)
*October 2Phil Ridings, cricketer (d. 1998)
*October 5Kenneth Jacobs, Chief Justice of the High Court
*October 17Sumner Locke Elliott, novelist (d. 1991)
*October 20D'Arcy Niland, novelist
*November 22Jon Cleary, novelist
*December 8Ian Johnson, cricketer (d. 1998)
*December 12Xavier Connor, jurist (d. 2005)
*December 25Noel Walker, NSW politician (d. 1986)
*December 31Pat Hills, NSW politician (d. 1992)


*March 31Joseph Cullen (b. 1849), NSW and WA politician
*April 5E. H. Coombe (b. 1858), South Australian politician
*May 6Thomas Joseph Carr (b. 1839), Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne
*May 24Les Darcy (b. 1895), boxer
*August 15John Haynes (b. 1850), NSW politician
*August 26William Lane (b. 1861), journalist and labour movement pioneer
*September 17Edward Petherick (b. 1847), book collector
*October 31Tibby Cotter (b. 1884), cricketer
*November 10Harry Trott (b. 1866), cricketer
*December 20Frederick McCubbin (b. 1855), painter

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