Uh La La La

Uh La La La

"Uh La La La" is a 1997 song by Italian singer Alexia, which became an international hit.

Cover versions

Blog 27

Infobox Single
Name = Uh la la la

Artist = Blog 27
from Album = LOL
B-side = "I Want What I Want"
Released = 2006
Recorded = Göteborg, Sweden 2005
Genre = Pop
Length =
Label = Kontor Rec
Writer =Robyx Aquilani
Producer = Random
Video director =
Chart position =

  • # 4 (Poland)
  • # 17 (Germany)
  • # 18 (Japan Airplay)
  • # 23 (Austria)
  • # 36 (Switzerland, Italy)

  • This single = "Uh La La La"
    Next single = "Hey Boy (Get Your Ass Up)"
    Misc = Extra album cover 2
    Upper caption =
    Type =

    Lower caption = Italy cover of this single
    "Uh la la la" cover is a 2006 promo-single by pop music group Blog 27, from their 2006 album "LOL".

    This song was one of the most popular ring tone in Germany (#9 in Germany RingTone Chart), Austria, Poland, Ukraine and Italy. Italian automaker Fiat chose this single as the soundtrack for their summer television promotional campaign, "Operazione Five" in Italy.

    The Blog 27 cover had its commercial release in


    Maxi CD

    # Uh La La La (Short Edit)
    # Uh La La La (Extended Version)
    # Uh La La La (Karaoke Version)
    # I Want What I Want


    # Uh La La La (Short Edit)
    # I Want What I Want

    Chart performance

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