318 (number)

318 (number)

318 is the natural number following 317 and preceding 319.

In other fields

According to Police chief Wiggum on The Simpsons; it is the Police code for waking a police officer in episode 5F06 Reality Bites

The British Rail Class 318 is an electric multiple unit train in western Scotland.

The BMW 318 is an automobile in the BMW 3 Series.

The Chrysler LA 318 engine, a 318 cubic inch small-block V8 engine manufactured by Chrysler Corporation for cars and trucks beginning in 1967. This engine is commonly referred to simply as "The 318."

Area code 318 is a telephone area code that covers the central and northern parts of Louisiana.

The mass of Jupiter is 318 times that of the Earth.

The number 318 represents for the Gnostics the value of the word "Christ".

The USS Baya was a World War II-era Balao-class submarine in the United States Navy that bore the hull code and number SS-318.

The SV-318 was the basic model of the Spectravideo range of computers, released in 1981.

318, Inc. is an information technology consulting company based in Santa Monica, California.

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