Dry Run (testing)

Dry Run (testing)

A Dry Run is a testing process where the effects of a possible failure are intentionally mitigated. For example, an aerospace company may conduct a 'dry run' of a takeoff using a new aircraft on a runway before the first test flight.

In computer programming, a dry run is a mental run of a computer program, where the computer programmer examines the source code one step at a time and determines what it will do when run. In theoretical computer science, a dry run is a mental run of an algorithm, sometimes expressed in pseudocode, where the computer scientist examines the algorithm's procedures one step at a time. In both uses, the dry run is frequently assisted by a table (on a computer screen or on paper) with the program or algorithm's variables on the top.

The usage of "dry run" in acceptance procedures (for example in the so called FAT = Factory Acceptance Procedure) is meant as following: the factory (which is a subcontractor) must perform a complete test of the system it has to deliver "before" the actual acceptance from the contractor side.

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The term Dry run was primarily used by scientific researchers. This was usually carried out after completion of the design.

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