Chinaman (disambiguation)

Chinaman (disambiguation)

Chinaman refers to a Chinese man, but the term may also refer to:

* Chinaman (cricket), a style of bowling
* "Chinaman" (politics), epithet used in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
* "Chinaman" (porcelain), a figurine or a dealer
* "Chinaman" (ship), engaged in the Old China Trade
* Chinaman Island, Australia
* "Chinamen" (1970), a play in Michael Frayn's "The Two of Us" (play)
* "The Chinaman" (1999), a collection of poems by David Mamet
* "The Chinaman", a novel by Stephen Leather
* "The Chinaman" is the nickname of Fresh Kid Ice, founder of Chinaman Records and member of the group Chinaman All-Stars
* "Chinaman" is the English title of the Danish film "Kinamand"
* "Chinaman" is the stage name of American comedian Mark Britten,
* Chinaman's chance, a figure of speech meaning no chance.
* "Chinaman's Hat" is the former name of Mokolii, a basalt island in Kāne'ohe Bay .
* Chinaman's Hat (Port Phillip), an octagonal structure in the South Channel of Port Phillip Bay.

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