Balloon-carried light effect

Balloon-carried light effect

A balloon-carried light effect is a special effect carried by a balloon, which can be either fixed with a rope to the ground or which is free-flying.


Balloon-carried light effects can be used without safety concerns at events with a lot of people, because they do not require the use of flammable substances and there is no danger of falling things as there is with fireworks.Nevertheless, the brightness is much lower, when non-dangerous light sources, such as lightsticks or battery-powered lamps are used.

Balloon-carried light effects cannot replace fireworks, but supplement them, because of their long lighting time (if lightsticks or battery powered lamps are used) and because of their inherent safety.To realise a balloon-carried light effect, one or more balloons are used, capable of carrying a lightstick or a small battery powered lamp. Further it is possible to insert one or two small lightsticks into a Non-opaque balloon.

It is also possible for larger balloon-carried light effects to use balloons fixed on a rope, which also contains an electric cable for its power supply: these 'artificial moons' may be used for floodlighting.

Open-air concert use

Balloon-carried light effects are sometimes used on open-air concerts and similar events. They were used at the Gabin Tower Memorial Festival in August 2006.

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