Bromine monochloride

Bromine monochloride

Chembox new
Name = Bromine monochloride
ImageFile = Bromine-monochloride-2D.png ImageSize = 125px
ImageName = Bromine monochloride
OtherNames = bromine(I) chloride
bromine chloride
Section1 = Chembox Identifiers
CASNo = 13863-41-7
EINECS = 237-601-4

Section2 = Chembox Properties
Formula = BrCl
MolarMass = 115.357 g/mol
Density = 2.172 g/cm³
Solvent = other solvents
SolubleOther = 1.5 g/L
MeltingPt = -66 °C
BoilingPt = 5 °C

Bromine monochloride, also called bromine(I) chloride, bromochloride, and bromine chloride, is an interhalogen inorganic compound with chemical formula BrCl. It is an unstable red-brown gas with boiling point 5°C and melting point -66 °C. Its CAS number is 13863-41-7 and its EINECS number is 237-601-4. [Cite book |last=Gangolli |first=S. |coauthors=Royal Society of Chemistry |title=The Dictionary of Substances and Their Effects |=url= |pages=676 |date=1999 |isbn=0854048081] It is a strong oxidizing agent.


Bromine monochloride is used in analytical chemistry in determining low levels of mercury, to quantitatively oxidize mercury in the sample to Hg(II) state.

Bromine monochloride is used as a biocide, specifically as an algaecide, fungicide, and disinfectant, in industrial recirculating cooling water systems. It is the active ingredient of Stabrom 909 biocide, which is used for industrial water treatment applications. [Cite web |url= |title=Materials Entering Evaluation Process |publisher=California Department of Pesticide Regulation |accessdate=2008-07-09 |date=2005-10-12]

Addition of bromine monochloride is used in some types of Li-SO2 batteries to increase voltage and energy density. [Cite web |url= |title=Battery Chemistry - Lithium / Thionyl Chloride |accessdate=2008-07-09 |publisher=GlobalSpec]


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