Bromine trifluoride

Bromine trifluoride

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ImageFile = Bromine-trifluoride-3D-vdW.png ImageSize = 150px
ImageName = Bromine trifluoride
Section2 = Chembox Properties
Formula = BrF3
MolarMass = 136.90 g/mol
Appearance = straw-coloured liquid
Density = 2.8 g/ml, liquid
Solubility = "decomposes"
MeltingPt = 8.8 °C
BoilingPt = 125.8 °C
Viscosity =

Section3 = Chembox Structure
MolShape = T-shaped
Dipole = 1.19 D

Section7 = Chembox Hazards
ExternalMSDS =
EUClass = not listed
NFPA-H = 3
NFPA-R = 3 | NFPA-O = OX

Section8 = Chembox Related
OtherAnions = Bromine monochloride
OtherCations = Chlorine trifluoride
Iodine trifluoride
OtherCpds = Bromine monofluoride
Bromine pentafluoride

Bromine trifluoride is the inorganic compound with the formula BrF3. This toxic, colourless, and corrosive liquid is soluble in sulfuric acid but explodes on contact with water and organic compounds. It is a potent fluorinating agent and an ionizing inorganic solvent. It is used to produce uranium hexafluoride, UF6 in the processing and reprocessing of nuclear fuel.Greenwood&Earnshaw]


Bromine trifluoride was first described by Paul Lebeau in 1906, who obtained the material by the reaction of bromine with fluorine at 20 °C:cite journal | author= Lebeau P. | title= The effect of fluorine on chloride and on bromine | journal=Annales de Chimie et de Physique| year=1906 | volume=9 | pages=241–263] :Br2 + 3 F2 → 2 BrF3

The disproportionation of bromine monofluoride also gives bromine trifluoride:cite journal | author= Simons JH| title= Bromine (III) Fluoride - Bromine Trifluoride | journal=Inorganic Synthesis| year=1950 | volume=3 | pages=184–186| doi= 10.1002/9780470132340.ch48] :3 BrF → BrF3 + Br2


Like ClF3 and IF3 the BrF3 molecule is T-shaped. In the VSEPR formalism, the bromine center is assigned two electron pairs leading to a coordination number of 5. The distance from the bromine each axial fluorine is 1.81 Å and to the equatorial fluorine is 1.72 Å. The angle between an axial fluorine and the equatorial fluorine is slightly smaller than 90° — the 86.2° angle observed is due to the repulsion generated by the electron pairs being greater than that of the Br-F bonds.cite journal | author= Gutmann V| title= Die Chemie in Bromtrifuoride | journal=Angewante Chemie| year=1950 | volume=62 | pages=312–315| doi= 10.1002/ange.19500621305] cite journal | author= Meinert H| title= Interhalogenverbindungen | journal=Zeitschrift für Chemie| year=1967 | volume=7 | pages=41]

Chemical properties

BrF3 is a fluorinating agent, but less reactive than ClF3. The liquid is conducting, owing to "autoionization"::2 BrF3 unicode| BrF2+ + BrF4Many ionic fluorides dissolve readily in BrF3 forming solvobases e.g. :KF + BrF3 → KBrF4


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