Slush (beverage)

Slush (beverage)

Slush is a blend of water, flavored syrup, and ice. Popular slush beverage flavors include strawberry, blue raspberry, creme soda, grape, cherry, and lemon-lime. Slush beverages, which go by a number of names depending on the region, are usually found at gas stations, convenience stores and ice cream stands. At some locations, they are sold out of a self-serve slush beverage machine, where the consumer can mix flavors as they wish. Brands of slush beverages include ICEE, Slush Puppie and Slurpee. A slightly carbonated version is available from outlets in the UK, mostly at theme parks. Usually slush drinks are made by an expensive machine, which is able to produce the product almost instantly. It can also be made with the usual household machinery but it takes some time (12+ hours) to complete a smooth variety. Tastes vary widely, just like ice or other sweets. Some like to call slush drinks "slushies". As with many cold beverages, brain freeze can occur when drunk too fast.

Most every slush or slushie is made with carbonation. Many slurpees and slushes can be found in popular gas stations, like 7-Eleven, or high traffic truck stops. These cold drinks all contain carbonation which give it its flavor and texture. Just like soda, it makes it not taste flat.

There are a small selection of slushes that are non-carbonated.

Slushies made from scratch can also contain alcohol. It is possible to make a slushy from an ordinary beverage by simply freezing it overnight and then thawing it at room temperature until it becomes slush.

lush in popular culture

The "Squishee" sold at Kwik-E-Mart on "The Simpsons" is also a slush beverage drink. It appears on Megas XLR as Mega Slush. Slush features also in numerous works with the fictional brand Slusho!.

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