Centro Universitario Anglo Mexicano

Centro Universitario Anglo Mexicano
Centro Universitario Anglo Mexicano
Motto "Una experiencia de vida"
(A whole life experience)
Established September 4, 1974
Type private junior high school and high school affiliated to UNAM
Principal Mexico Javier García (Mexico City)
Mexico Anna Julia Robles (Morelos)
Mexico Juan José Arriaga (Cancún)
Location Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Cancún
Athletics cheerleading, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tae kwon do
Mascot Cuamito (Tiger)
Website Official site

The Centro Universitario Anglo Mexicano (Anglo Mexican University Centre) is a leading private high school and junior high school with prestigious operations in Mexico City, Federal District, Cuernavaca, Morelos and Cancún, Quintana Roo.



After designing and directing Queen Elizabeth´s Jr. high school for several years, it´s principal and a group of businessmen and academics, planned the creation of an integral non religious private high school affiliated to UNAM, which would emphasize critical thinking, arts development and competitive sports as an ideal maturing environment for young men and women, serving as a solid platform for college success.

The Anglo Mexican HS, CUAM HS was inaugurated on September 4, 1974, in the residential San José Insurgentes neighborhood, in Mexico City, starting at that time, with 108 students, coming most of them from Queen Elizabeth School. With a successful academic and cultural model or their own, after only ten years, expansion came on a new location, CUAM Aguilas was designed to host larger sports facilities and also serve for the expanding senior class, in the Las Aguilas neighborhood. In 1985, the first regional school was launched in the resort town of Cuernavaca; CUAM Morelos, started with over 120 newcomer students, rapidly consolidating as a magnet for young talents and athletes. In 1989, after a State´s government invitation to improve academic standards and increase college oriented competitive students, CUAM Acapulco was inaugurated, serving a population of over 150 students in high school and for the first time, returning to it´s roots, activating also Jr. high high school level.

According to changing demographics, in 1999, CUAM Águilas was transformed into CEAM Mexico junior high school, as well as the fourth regional CUAM opened, in the city of Cancún, through a strategic alliance with well recognized Centro Escolar BALAM, offering now from kindergarten to high school, K-12. In 2004, CUAM acquired a beautiful property formerly owned by mexican comedian Mario Moreno "Cantinflas", which became CEAM Morelos jr. high school, just across the street from CUAM Morelos.

As evolution does on all areas of life, in 2009, CUAM Mexico migrated its school facilities just next to CEAM Mexico, to Calzada de Las Aguilas 350, leaving the ancient site which had been its traditional location for the last 33 years in the street of Sagredo, in the now business district of San Jose Insurgentes. Due to the urban violence and criminal rise, regretfully after 20 years as a leading academic institution in Acapulco, with the highest official rankings and consistently winning state´s academic olympics, CUAM Acapulco closed its operations in the port in 2009.

CUAM is considered one of the top five high schools in Mexico, having earned a highly respected reputation through the years and for its alumni´s success in college and professionally, proudly holding more than 40 strategic agreements with the top universities in Mexico, having recently added the first international one in Canada, with Thompson Rivers University, that grants direct admission to CUAM graduates, exempting them of any admission examination, as well as awarding them, with more than 20 college excellence financial grants and scholarships.

Currently, CUAM México is headed by the distinguished calculus professor Javier García, a mechanical engineer from UNAM, with graduate studies in business at ITESM, who has been with CUAM for the las 35 years. UNAM´s geography expert Manuel Moro, with 30 years in the institution, teaches the seniors class in CUAM and directs CEAM Mexico jr. high school, which has been ranked in the top ten in Mexico city and among the best in the country, based on the Ministry of Education statistics. CUAM Morelos, considered a strong promoter for young science talents, is headed by well recognized professor Anna Julia Robles, a psychologist from Anahuac University with a pedagogy masters degree from Ibero american University, having formerly served as Williams´ School and London´s School principal, before returning to CUAM. CEAM Morelos´ jr. high principal, is science activist and distinguished biologist Alma Ayala, who also holds a masters degree on education. Cuam Mexico´s alumni, Juan José Arriaga, class of 80, an UNAM´s canine veterinarian expert, has been heading CUAM Cancun for the last decade, having led this high school to be the leading academic institution in town, hosting a strategic alliance with International House´s, the english knowledge certification international institution for the University of Cambridge, in Cancun.

CUAM has the development of global skills for global citizenship as a top priority, so it actively promotes and engages in several academic field trips and diverse international exchange programmes with schools around the world, which will help its students, to better understand other cultures, developing friendships and bonds that eventually will become business and investment opportunities, changing their life and vision forever. Current programmes include Quebec, British Columbia and Canada´s Upper School District, Florida in the USA, and Prague in the Czeck Republic.

CEAM has consistently obtained one of the highest scores on the national Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP/ENLACE) test for secondary education. CUAM also leads in Mathematics, Sciences and Business. Athletics is CUAM´s strength, specially on soccer, volleyball, basketball, as well as cheerleading competitions, having won several national titles and ranked 8th place at the USASF Dance Worlds Championship, in Walt Disney´s World in Orlando, Florida in 2010, having had a profound national influence on promoting the sport at all levels, from which almost two decades ago, was born the ANP Mexico, the "Mexican National Cheerleading Association".

For the last twenty three years, in partnership with the Morelos´ State Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Science, CUAM has co hosted an annual students´"Research Congress" with eight classes of competition that vary from engineering and exact sciences, prototypes, medical sciences, biochemistry, environmental sciences, arts, social sciences and business entrepreneurship, where jr. high school and high school students from about 50 different institutions, from more than ten states, present their projects to well recognized scientists, research experts and businessmen for the glory of representing Mexico at international events, as well as, attending presentations and conferences from the real people who are working and discovering the innovations that are changing our world. This event has gathered more than 9,000 projects through it existence, being considered by the Mexican National Autonomus University ( UNAM ) and scientific community, as the mexican leading young talents´discovery forum. This students´Research Congress, has already been replicated annually at the Cancun campus, as Caribbean Research Encounter, to soon include Central American schools´projects, served as case of study for a graduate´s degree thesis at the National University of Pedagogy and is under study, to be replicated successfully in South America.

Annual sports tournaments are organized by CUAM, among several invited schools and the CUAM´s teams (called INTERCUAMs) including several social events to provide a whole sports experience and integration, on all different campus since the early 90s. In 2007, CUAM Morelos was awarded the State Sports Award for its extensive efforts in sports promotion.

In the middle of the Knowledge Economy , CUAM has focused its academic strategies on innovation, internationalization and critical thinking as base for developing new opportunities, empowering young talents to research, analyze and propose ethical and sustainable answers to the mexican national challenges, emphasizing the students privileged academic position as a moral debt to the least fortunate nationals, which are many, for ethically improving the quality of living in Mexico for all mexicans, following closely Winston Churchill´s remark: To educate a person in mind and not in morals, is to educate a menace to society.


Some of the universities offering privileged access to CUAM graduates are:


  • ULP Universidad Loyola del Pacífico (Acapulco)


  • CULTURES Centro Universitario en Lenguas, Turismo y Empresas de Servicios
  • EUROAMERICA Estudios Superiores en Hotelería y Gastronomía
  • BOTTICELLI Instituto Fundación Botticelli
  • ULA Universidad Latinoamericana Campus de la Salud
  • UNISOL Universidad del Sol
  • UNINTER Universidad Internacional
  • UNIC Universidad Cuauhnáhuac

Mérida and Cancún

  • ANAHUAC Universidad Anáhuac de Cancún (Cancún)
  • ISU Instituto Suizo de Gastronomía y Hotelería (Cancún)
  • ULSA Universidad La Salle de Cancun
  • MAYAB Universidad del Mayab (Mérida)

Mexico City


  • UDLAP Universidad de Las Américas Puebla
  • UPAEP Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla


  • TRU Thompson Rivers University

Recognized graduates


Musicians, singers and compossers

  • Aleks Syntek
  • Cecilia Tousaint
  • Arturo Ramírez (former drummer for Manuel Mijares and mexican rock group Kerigma)
  • Francisco Ruíz (Latin Grammy-winning producer for Kany´s Garcia album and former member Kerigma)
  • Mario Carrillo
  • Álvaro Carrillo
  • Giorgio Torelli (mexican composer)
  • LOE:Lady Reggaetton
  • Ruben and Romulo from Ten:fifteen


  • Luis Garcia, deputy director for the (National Human Rights Commission
  • Enrique Iragorri, former federal congressman (PAN

Soccer players


  • Christian Gurría (Starbucks operations vicepresident)
  • Sarah Bustani (fashion designer)

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