A triad, a group of three, may refer to:


*Triad, group of three phosphor dots used in some computer monitors
*Triad C64, Commodore 64 cracking group
*"Rise Of The Triad", a computer game
*TriadCity, a MUD with strong literary themes


*Triad, a 1967 song by David Crosby, with versions recorded by Jefferson Airplane on "Crown of Creation", by Crosby, Stills Nash & Young on "Four Way Street", and by the Byrds on "The Notorious Byrd Brothers"
*Triad, a 1976 album by Spontaneous Combustion.
*Triad, a song by progressive rock band Tool from their 2001 album "Lateralus"
*The Hong Kong Triad, a song by Thievery Corporation from their 2000 album "The Mirror Conspiracy"
*Triad (music), set of three notes, most commonly forming a diatonic tertian chord
*The Triad (Charmed), a fictional group of three powerful demons
*Triiad, a fictional alien species from the television series "Hypernauts"
*Triad, alias of fictional DC Comics super hero Triplicate Girl


*Welsh Triads, collections of Medieval Welsh legend and history


*Triad (anatomy), structure in skeletal muscles, formed by a T tubule surrounded by sarcoplasmic reticulum
*Catalytic triad, biochemical term for three amino acid residues found within some proteases
*Beck's triad (cardiology), three typical symptoms of cardiac tamponade
*Beck's cognitive triad, three types of negative thought present in depression
*Charcot's triad, either of two sets of clinical signs, relating to multiple sclerosis or ascending cholangitis
*Currarino triad, three malformations with a genetic link
*Cushing's triad, a set of three signs showed by patients with head injuries
*Dieulafoy's triad, a classic sign of acute appendicitis
*Female athlete triad, three symptoms of low energy availability in female athletes
*Hutchinson's triad, a common pattern of presentation for congenital syphilis
*Meckler's triad, used to diagnose Boerhaave syndrome
*Virchow's triad, a set of three signs attributed to Rudolf Virchow describing the pathogenesis of venous thrombosis
*Whipple's triad, a set of three conditions proving hypoglycemia as the cause of a person's symptoms
*MacDonald triad, three childhood traits that are associated with anti-social personality disorder


*Triad, Pythagorean symbol for the number three


*The Piedmont Triad, North Carolina, USA region


*Triad, term for a relationship between three people,


*Triad, three deities commonly associated together.
*Triplism frequently occurring in religion and mythology


*Triad, management system for environmental cleanup
*Triad Demand, UK electrical power demand measurement


*Triad, term for a group of three people as a unit of study
*Triad, a term that describes many branches of (criminal) Chinese underground society, such as those in Hong Kong and around the world


*Triad, a fictional ball sport within the Battlestar Galactica series

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