Vickers (disambiguation)

Vickers (disambiguation)

Vickers may refer to:


*Vickers, a British engineering conglomerate founded in 1828.
** Vickers Limited
** Vickers-Armstrongs
** Vickers plc
** Vickers Defence Systems, defence arm of Vickers plc, sold by Rolls-Royce plc to Alvis plc in 2002.
** Alvis Vickers, the result of the above merger. Acquired by BAE Systems in 2004.
** Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering Limited (VSEL), the former shipbuilding and armaments division of Vickers nationalised in 1977, privatised in 1986.
*Vickers Football Club, a competitive soccer team based in Markham, ON, Canada.


*Vickers (surname)
**Brian Vickers, American stock car driver, currently racing in the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup
**Frederick Bert Vickers, an Australian author
**Jack A. Vickers, American financier and golf promoter
**Roy Henry Vickers, a Canadian painter
**Roy Vickers, an English mystery writer
**Sir Geoffrey Vickers (1894-1992), a pioneer of systems thinking.
**Mike Vickers, British guitarist and composer
**Michael G. Vickers, United States Assistant Secretary of Defense
**Lawrence Vickers, NFL running back for the Cleveland Browns
**Lee Vickers, NFL tight end for the Baltimore Ravens


* Vickers hardness test, a measure of material hardness using the indentation method
* The Vickers machine gun
* The Vickers Main Battle Tank

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