Viking (disambiguation)

Viking (disambiguation)

Viking can refer to:


*Viking Age, the period between 793 A.D and 1066 A.D in Scandinavia
*Viking, seafaring Scandinavians during the Viking Age (in the western trail)
*Varangian, seafaring Scandinavians during the Viking Age (in the eastern trail)


*Independent Order of Vikings, a fraternal organization in the United States


*Viking (ship), the reconstruction of a Viking ship which was sailed from Norway to North America in 1893
*Viking (barque)
*SS Viking
*S/S Viking, a ship in the Viking Line fleet, in service between 1959-1970
*M/S Viking 1, a ship in the Viking Line fleet, in service between 1970-1983
* [HSC Viking|HSC "Viking" [2] , a fastcraft in the Isle of Man Steam Packet fleet
*Viking River Cruises, a river cruising line


*Viking program, a NASA program for two Mars missions, each consisting of an orbiter & lander pair:
**Viking 1, launched August 1975
**Viking 2, launched September 1975
* Viking rocket, first large American liquid-fueled rocket, by NRL and Martin Co.; twelve flown 1949-1955.
* Lockheed S-3 Viking, US Navy anti-submarine aircraft
* Vickers Viking, a Type 54 amphibian aircraft
* Vickers VC.1 Viking airliner
* Viking (rocket engine) European rocket engine, unse on Ariane 1 - Ariane 4 lower stages
* Viking (satellite), the first satellite from Sweden
* Bellanca Viking, light plane
* Viking Flying Boat Company, a failed aeronautical venture of Robert E. Gross
* Grob Viking T1, variant of the Grob G103a Twin II Sailplane operated by the Royal Air Force


* BVS10 Viking, an armoured amphibious vehicle developed for the British Royal Marines

Film and music

*The Viking a film made in 1928
*The Vikings a film made in 1958
*"Viking" (album), the second album by Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards
*Les Vikings de Guadeloupe, a French Antillean band
*The Viking is a guitar made by Hagström, most famous from Elvis Presley's use of it at his 68 Comeback Special.
*Viking metal, a sub-genre of heavy metal.
*The Vikings, a Jamaican music (vocal) group of the early 1960s ska era
*Viking Skull, A Metal band from England
*Viking, the former stage name of Francesca Ortolani, a white nationalist folk singer-songwriter from Italy, who now goes by Aufidena
*VIKING Violent Romance singer, and founder of "Everything Is True" music genre


*Viking F.K., a Norwegian football club from the city of Stavanger
*Víkingur, an Icelandic football club from the city of Reykjavík
*Minnesota Vikings, an NFL (American football) team
*Widnes Vikings, a Cheshire-based Rugby League team
* A nickname for Real Madrid's supporters
* A nickname for Stenhousemuir F.C.'s supporters
* Denmark Vikings (Australian rules football), Denmark's national team
*Vikings Futsal Association and Vikings Pacific League, both related to the sport of Futsal in Australia.
*UL Vikings, the University of Limerick (Ireland) American football team that plays in the Irish American Football League
*The nickname / mascot for intercollegiate athletic teams at the following colleges and universities in the United States:
** Cleveland State University; Participates in NCAA Division I
** Portland State University; participates in NCAA Division I
** Western Washington University; participates in NCAA Division II
*The nickname / mascot for the following high schools in the United States:
** Peter Johansen High School in Modesto, California
** Danville High School in Danville, Illinois
** Geneva Community High School in Geneva, Illinois
** Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland
** Omaha North High School in Omaha, Nebraska
** Atlantic City High School in Atlantic City, New Jersey
** North Arlington High School in North Arlington, New Jersey
** Pittsford Mendon High School in Rochester, New York
** Clarkstown South High School in West Nyack, New York
** Wisconsin Lutheran High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
** Inglemoor High School in Kenmore, Washington
* Viking Boots made for speedskating


*Viking, Alberta, Canada
*Viking, Minnesota, United States


*Viking Airlines, a Swedish airline
*Viking Line, a Finnish shipping company
*Viking Press, a New York based publishing company now owned by Penguin
*Viking Range, a top-of-the-line, professional grade kitchen appliance manufacturer in the United States

Other uses

*Viking (Norse Mythology)
*Viking automobile, manufactured by General Motors' Oldsmobile Division for model year 1929 and 1931
* Viking, once a store brand for appliances sold at Eaton's in Canada
*Viking BvS10, a fully amphibious armoured all-terrain vehicle 2003–
*Víking Gylltur, a brand of Icelandic beer
*Viking (バイキング baikingu), a Japanese pseudo-Anglicism which refers to a smorgasbord or buffet.
*"" is a Japanese endurance game show

*East Vikings, Mascot of East High School in West Chester, Pennsylvania
*"Viking", a Gerwalk-inspired mech in the upcoming StarCraft 2
*Viking (ride), a very common theme of the pirate ship type of amusement ride
*, a video game based on Norse mythology.

ee also

* Wiking
* The Vikings (disambiguation)

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