List of rocket planes

List of rocket planes

This is an incomplete listing, loosely chronological sorted by type used for launch, of some aircraft that used rocket propulsion:


Spaceplanes are aircraft that are able to reach the edge of space.
* 1945 flag|Germany|Nazi - A4b winged version of V-2 rocket - unmanned, test flights only
* 1959 USA - X-15 - manned, carried aloft under the wing of a B-52, conducted numerous supersonic and hypersonic flights
* 1981 USA - Space Shuttle - manned (unable to fly unmanned, rocket assisted vertical take-off) lands unpowered
* 1988 USSR - Buran Shuttle - unmanned test flight (designed to be manned, but no need to be manned, rocket assisted vertical take-off)
* 2004 USA - Scaled Composites SpaceShipOne - manned, has a hybrid rocket motor and performed first civilian-funded reusable spacecraft, flights begin with the White Knight lifting SpaceShipOne to about 14 km
* 2006 USA - X-37 - unmanned (technology demonstrator)

Rocket planes with conventional take off

*1928 flag|Germany Lippisch Ente
*1929 flag|Germany Opel RAK.1

*1940 USSR RP-318-1 powered by Glushko and Dushkin engines, unmanned tests in 1938.
*1940 flag|Germany|Nazi DFS 194 rocket powered glider test plane
*1942 USSR Bereznyak-Isayev BI-1 close-range fighter powered by Dushkin and Isaev engines
*194x flag|Germany|Nazi He 176 rocket powered test plane
*194x flag|Germany|Nazi Me 163 rocket powered fighter (extensive use in World War II)
*194x flag|Germany|Nazi Me 263 also known as Ju 248, development of Me 163
*1944 flag|Germany|Nazi DFS 228 rocket powered reconnaissance plane (never flew under power)
*1944 USSR Su-7 Modified Sukhoy Su-6 with RD-1KhZ (chemical ignition RD-1) engine.
*1945 USSR Yak-3RD Modified Yakovlev Yak-3 with Glushko RD-1KhZ engine.
*1945 flag|Japan Mitsubishi J8M, licence-built copy of the Messerschmitt Me 163 "Komet"
*1945 USSR La-7R variant of Lavachkin fighter, with Glushko's RD-1KhZ engine.
*1948 flag|Germany|Nazi / USSR DFS 346 approached supersonic speeds
*1948 USSR Bisnovat 5 Russian design based from earlier captured DFS 346, cancelled (never flew under power)
*2001 USA EZ-Rocket Customized Rutan Long-EZ, experimental model.
*2007 USA X-Racer Customized Velocity SE, prototype for Rocket Racing League.

Air launched rocket planes

* 1944 flag|Germany|Nazi - "Selbstopfer" - near-suicide mission manned version of the V-1 Flying Bomb to be dropped from a modified Heinkel He 111
* 1945 JPN Ohka - manned air-launched kamikaze aircraft
* 1947 USA Bell X-1 - manned, first plane to break the sound barrier in controlled, level flight
* 1953 USA Douglas D-588-II Skyrocket - manned
* 1955 USA Bell X-2 - manned

Rocket planes taking off vertically

* 1945 flag|Germany|Nazi - Bachem Ba 349 "Natter" - manned surface-to-air missile (Lothar Sieber)
* 1963 USA - ASSET - unmanned
* 1966 USA - X-23 PRIME - unmanned
* 1982 USSR - BOR-4 - unmanned

Mixed power rocket planes

All conventional take off designs.
*Saunders-Roe SR.53 UK - manned, mixed power rocket and jet engines.
*Saunders-Roe SR.177 UK - manned, development of SR.53, project cancelled before first flight
*XF-91 Thunderceptor USA - manned, mixed power rocket and jet engines
*Douglas Skyrocket USA - manned, mixed power
*Lockheed NF-104A USA - manned, mixed power rocket and jet engine

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