Passive matrix addressing

Passive matrix addressing

Passive matrix addressing is an addressing scheme used in earlier LCD displays, and may be used in future LCD displays. This is a matrix addressing scheme meaning that only "n" + "m" control signals are required to address a "n" × "m" display. A pixel in a passive matrix must maintain its state without active driving circuitry until it can be refreshed again.

A new display technology uses a bi-stable pixel, which maintains its state indefinitely without the need for individual transistor elements at each pixel.

The is divided into a row or "select signal" and a column or "video signal". The select voltage determines the row that is being addressed and all "m" pixels on a row are addressed simultaneously. When pixels on a row are being addressed, a "Vsel" potential is applied, and all other rows are unselected with a "Vunsel" potential. The video signal or column potential is then applied with a potential for each "m" columns individually. An on-lighted pixel corresponds to a "Von", an off-switched corresponds to a "Voff" potential.

The potential across pixel at selected row "i" and column "j" is:V_{ij} = V_{sel} - V_{on|off}and:V_{ij} = V_{unsel} - V_{on|off}for the unselected rows.

Passive matrix addressed displays such as ferroelectric Liquid crystal display do not need the switch-component of an active matrix display because it has a built-in bistability. Technology for electronic papers also have a form of bistability. Displays with bistable pixel elements are addressed with passive matrix addressing scheme, where as TFT-LCD-displays are addressed using active addressing.

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