2004 in poetry

2004 in poetry

in?=in poetry
in2?=in literature
cp=20th century
c=21st century
cf=22nd century


* April 1 — Foetry.com Web site is launched for the announced purpose of "Exposing fraudulent contests. Tracking the sycophants. Naming names." Members and visitors contribute information which links judges and prize winners in various poetry contests in attempts to document whether some contests have been rigged.
* Samizdat poetry magazine, founded in 1998, ceases publication.

Works published


* Robert Adamson "Reading the River: Selected Poems" Australia
* Alison Croggon, "November Burning", Vagabond
* Chris Wallace-Crabbe, "Next"

Anthologies in Australia

* Anthony Lawrence, editor, "The Best Australian Poetry 2004", Publisher: UQP
* Les Murray, editor, "The Best Australian Poems 2004", Publisher: Black Inc.


* Robert Archambeau, "Home and Variations" (Salt)
* Roo Borson, "Short Journey Upriver Toward Oishida", winner of the 2004 Governor General's Award, the 2005 Griffin Poetry Prize and the 2005 Pat Lowther Award, ISBN 0-7710-1591-7, American-Canadian
* Don McKay, "Camber", shortlisted for the 2005 Canadian Griffin Poetry Prize (Canada)
* Michael Ondaatje, "Vintage Ondaatje", Vintage, ISBN 978-1400077441Web page titled [http://www.poetryfoundation.org/archive/poet.html?id=5142 "Archive: Michael Ondaatje (1943- )"] at the Poetry Foundation website, accessed May 7, 2008]

New Zealand

* Mark Pirie, Ron Riddell and Saray Torres, editors, "The 2nd Wellington International Poetry Festival Anthology", Wellington: HeadworX [http://www.library.auckland.ac.nz/subjects/nzp/nzlit2/adcock.htm Web page titled "Fleur Adcock: New Zealand Literature File"] at the University of Auckland Library website, accessed April 26, 2008]
* Kendrick Smithyman, "Campana to Montale", Writers Group

Poets in "Best New Zealand Poems"

Poems from these 25 poets were selected by Robin Dudding for "Best New Zealand Poems 2003", published online this year:

*David Beach
*Peter Bland
*Jenny Bornholdt
*Kate Camp
*Gordon Challis
*Geoff Cochrane
*Fiona Farrell
*Cliff Fell
*Sia Figiel
*Rhian Gallagher
*Robin Hyde
*Kevin Ireland
*Anna Jackson
*Anne Kennedy
*Graham Lindsay
*Anna Livesey
*Karlo Mila
*James Norcliffe
*Gregory O'Brien
*Bob Orr
*Chris Price
*Sarah Quigley
*Elizabeth Smither
*Brian Turner
*Richard von Sturmer

=United Kingdom=

* Ciarán Carson: "The Midnight Court", (translation of Brian Merriman's Cúirt an Mhéan Oíche Gallery Press, 2005; Wake Forest University Press
* Carol Ann Duffy, "New Selected Poems" Picador, United Kingdom
* Paul Henry, "The Breath of Sleeping Boys & other poems", Carreg Gwalch

Anthologies in the United Kingdom

* Carol Ann Duffy, United Kingdom:
** "Out of Fashion: An Anthology of Poems" editor (contemporary poets select their favourite poem, from another time or culture, in connection with clothing), Faber and Faber
** "Overheard on a Saltmarsh: Poets' Favourite Poems" (editor) (30 contemporary poets selected their favourite children's poem to appear alongside one of their own poems; including contemporary poems by Sophie Hannah, Jackie Kay, Valerie Bloom, and Wendy Cope, as well as classic poets such as Robert Burns, John Betjeman and Edward Lear) Macmillan
* Don Paterson and Charles Simic, editors, "New British Poetry"

United States

* Kim Addonizio, "What is this Thing Called Love" (Norton)
* John Ash, "To the City" (Talisman), ISBN 1584980370
* Wendell Berry, "Given: Poems" (Shoemaker & Hoard)
* Sophie Cabot Black, "The Descent: poetry" (Graywolf Press), ISBN 1-55597-406-6
* Charles Bukowski, "Slouching Toward Nirvana: New Poems" (Ecco)
* Tina Chang, "Half-Lit Houses", Four Way Books
* Rita Dove, "American Smooth: Poems" (Norton); a "New York Times" "notable book of the year"
* Claudia Emerson, "Late Wife" (Louisiana State University Press)
* Jack Gilbert, "Refusing Heaven" (Alfred A. Knopf)
* Lee Harwood, "Collected Poems"
* Allison Hedge Coke - "Rock, Ghost, Willow, Deer" (memoir of poet's life)
* Fanny Howe, "On the Ground"
* Donald Justice, "Collected Poems" (Knopf); published posthumously; a "New York Times" "notable book of the year"
* Jane Kenyon, "Jane Kenyon: Collected Poems" (Graywolf Press), posthumous
* Ted Kooser, "Flying At Night: Poems 1965-1985" (University of Pittsburgh Press)
* W. S. Merwin:
** "Migration: New and Selected Poems" (Copper Canyon Press)
** "Present Company
* Mirabai, "Mirabai: Ecstatic Poems" translated into English by Robert Bly and Jane Hirshfield
* Mary Oliver:
** "New and Selected Poems, volume two"
** "Why I Wake Early: New Poems"
** "Blue Iris: Poems and Essays"
** "Long Life: Essays and Other Writings"
* Carl Phillips, "The Rest of Love", New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
* Kay Ryan, "The Niagara River" (Grove Press) ISBN 0-8021-4222-2
* Michael Ryan, "New And Selected Poems"
* Tony Tost, "Invisible Bride" (LSU) (selected by C.D. Wright for the 2003 Walt Whitman Award)
* Derek Walcott, "The Prodigal" (Farrar, Straus & Giroux); a "New York Times" "notable book of the year"
* Rosmarie Waldrop, "Blindsight" (New Directions)
* Franz Wright, "Walking to Martha's Vineyard" (Knopf) (Pulitzer Prize in Poetry)

Criticism, scholarship and biography in the United States

* Anne Waldman and Lisa Birman, editors, "Civil Disobediences: Poetics and Politics in Action", essays (Coffee House Press)

Anthologies in the United States

* Mary Ann Caws, editor, "Yale Anthology of Twentieth-Century French Poetry", (Yale University Press), Apollinaire and more than 100 other poets, bi-lingual

Poets in "The Best American Poetry 2004

The 75 poets included in "The Best American Poetry 2004", edited by David Lehman, co-edited this year by Lyn Hejinian:

*Kim Addonizio
*Will Alexander
*Bruce Andrews
*Rae Armantrout
*Craig Arnold
*John Ashbery
*Mary Jo Bang
*Alan Bernheimer
*Charles Bernstein
*Anselm Berrigan
*Mark Bibbins
*Oni Buchanan
*Michael Burkard
*Anne Carson
*T.J. Clark
*Billy Collins
*Jack Collom
*Michael Costello
*Michael Davidson
*Olena Kalytiak Davis
*Jean Day
*Rita Dove
*Rachel Blau DuPlessis
*kari edwards
*Kenward Elmslie
*Aaron Fogel
*Ariel Greenberg
*Ted Greenwald
*Barbara Guest
*Carla Harryman
*Jane Hirshfield
*John Hollander
*Fanny Howe
*Kenneth Irby
*Major Jackson
*Marc Jaffee
*Kenneth Koch
*John Koethe
*Yusef Komunyakaa
*Sean Manzano Labrador
*Ann Lauterbach
*Nathaniel Mackey
*Harry Mathews
*Steve McCaffery
*K. Silem Mohammad
*Erín Moure
*Paul Muldoon
*Eileen Myles
*Alice Notley
*Jeni Olin
*Danielle Pafunda
*Heidi Peppermint
*Bob Perelman
*Carl Phillips
*Robert Pinsky
*Carl Rakosi
*Ed Roberson
*Kit Robinson
*Carly Sachs
*Jennifer Scappettone
*Frederick Seidel
*David Shapiro
*Ron Silliman
*Bruce Smith
*Brian Kim Stefans
*Gerald Stern
*Virgil Suarez
*Arthur Sze
*James Tate
*Edwin Torres
*Rodrigo Toscano
*Paul Violi
*David Wagoner
*Charles Wright


* Stratis Haviaras translator into English from the original Modern Greek, "C.P. Cavafy, The Canon", (Athens: Hermes Publishing; reprinted by [Harvard University Press in 2007), published in Greece

Awards and honors


* C. J. Dennis Prize for Poetry: Judith Beveridge, "Wolf Notes"
* Dinny O'Hearn Poetry Prize: "Totem" by Luke Davies
* Kenneth Slessor Prize for Poetry: Pam Brown, "Dear Deliria: New & Selected Poems"
* Mary Gilmore Prize: David McCooey, "Blister Pack"; Michael Brennan, "Imageless World"


* Gerald Lampert Award
* Archibald Lampman Award
* Atlantic Poetry Prize
* Canadian Parliamentary Poet Laureate: Pauline Michel (until 2006)
* Governor General's Awards: See 2004 Governor General's Awards
* Griffin Poetry Prize Canadian: Anne Simpson, "Loop"
* Griffin Poetry Prize International, in the English Language: August Kleinzahler, "The Strange Hours Travelers Keep"
* Pat Lowther Award
* Prix Alain-Grandbois
* Shaunt Basmajian Chapbook Award

New Zealand

* Prime Minister's Awards for Literary Achievement:
* Montana New Zealand Book Awards First-book award for poetry: Cliff Fell, "The Adulterer's Bible", Victoria University Press

=United Kingdom=

* Cholmondeley Award: John Agard, Ruth Padel Lawrence Sail, Eva Salzman
* Eric Gregory Award: Nick Laird, Elizabeth Manuel, Abi Curtis, Sophie Levy, Saradha Soobrayen
* Forward Poetry Prize Best Collection: Kathleen Jamie, "The Tree House" (Picador)
* Forward Poetry Prize Best First Collection: Leontia Flynn, "These Days" (Jonathan Cape)
* "Scots Makar" (equivalent of a poet laureate to represent and promote poetry in Scotland) named on February 16: Edwin Morgan
* Orange Prize for Fiction: Andrea Levy, "Small Island"
* Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry: Hugo Williams
* T. S. Eliot Prize (United Kingdom and Ireland): George Szirtes, "Reel"
* Whitbread Award for poetry:

United States

* Aiken Taylor Award for Modern American Poetry, Henry Taylor
* Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize awarded to Aaron Smith for "Blue on Blue Ground"
* Bernard F. Connors Prize for Poetry, Jeremy Glazier, "Conversations with the Sidereal Messenger"
* Bobbitt National Prize for Poetry, B.H. Fairchild for "Early Occult Memory Systems of the Lower Midwest"
* Brittingham Prize in Poetry, John Brehm, "Sea of Faith"
* Frost Medal: Richard Howard
* MacArthur Fellowship: C.D. Wright
* National Book Award for poetry: Jean Valentine, "Door in the Mountain: New and Collected Poems, 1965-2003"
* Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress: Ted Kooser appointed
* Pulitzer Prize for poetry: Franz Wright, "Walking to Martha's Vineyard" (ISBN 0-375-41518-1)
* Robert Fitzgerald Prosody Award: Timothy Steele
* Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize: Kay Ryan
* Wallace Stevens Award: Mark Strand
* William Carlos Williams Award: Anthony Butts, "Little Low Heaven", Judge: Lucie Brock-Broido
* Fellowship of the Academy of American Poets: Jane Hirshfield


* March 3 – Pedro Pietri 59, Puerto Rican/American poet
* March 12 – Cid Corman, 79, American poet, translator and editor
* August 29 – Donald Allen, influential editor, publisher, and translator of contemporary American literature who edited "The New American Poetry 1945-1960", an influential book republished in 1990.
* September 16 – Virginia Hamilton Adair, 91, American poet
* October 20 – Anthony Hecht, American poet
* December 2 – Mona Van Duyn (born 1921), American poet
* December 8 – Jackson Mac Low, American poet



* [http://rpo.library.utoronto.ca/timeline/ "A Timeline of English Poetry" Web page of the "Representative Poetry Online" Web site, University of Toronto]

ee also

*List of poetry awards

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