Alpha Upsilon Alpha

Alpha Upsilon Alpha

Alpha Upsilon Alpha (or ΑΥΑ) is an academic honor society recognizing excellence in reading and language arts at the undergraduate and graduate level. Founded in 1985, it is governed by the International Reading Association (IRA).

The mission of the society is to "recognize and encourage scholarship, the development of personal and professional leadership, and service to the field of reading" among its chapters. []


There are five different categories of membership in Alpha Upsilon Alpha: Undergraduate, graduate, faculty, professional, and honorary.

To be an undergraduate member, an applicant must have finished 5 semesters or 76 credit hours of undergraduate work and be in the top 25% of their class. This would typically put all undergraduate applicants at the third-year level; however, students at two-year community colleges, such as West Virginia University - Parkersburg, are able to join. Applicants must also be recommended by a professor in the field of reading or language arts after completing at least one course in that area.

To be a graduate member, applicants must major in reading or language arts, be recommended by faculty, finish at least 9 credit hours, and carry a 3.5 GPA or higher after completing at least half of their graduate coursework.

To be a faculty member, applicants need to be significantly active (or have been) in reading or language arts as an academic subject and either have 1) a doctoral degree or 2) met the graduate-level membership GPA requirement during their Master's work.

Professional members, such as elementary and secondary school teachers must be voted upon by the chapter they are seeking to join and also meet the requirements for the highest of the above categories that would apply to them.

Honorary members can be selected by the individual chapters upon voting.

All applicants, regardless of level, must be members of the IRA.


Like many honor societies, it selected its named based on significance attached to particulars letters of the Greek alphabet. The first Α stands for "Anagnosis", meaning "reading"; the Υ stands for "Upotrophia", meaning "scholarship"; and the second Α stands for "Archon", meaning "leadership."

Alpha Upsilon Alpha's motto is the Horace quote "Lege "," which translates as "Read, dare to be wise."


As of June 2006, Alpha Upsilon Alpha has 44 chapters in the United States and the Philippines.

* Adelphi University - Beta Theta
* Arizona State University - [ Beta Beta]
* Boston College - Omicron
* Buffalo State College - Alpha Iota
* Central Connecticut State University - [ Beta Kappa]
* Chicago State University - Rho
* Dowling College - Alpha Beta
* East Central University - Omega
* Fayetteville State University - Alpha Sigma
* Fordham University - Beta Iota
* Framingham State College - Alpha Pi
* Georgia Southern University - Alpha Nu
* Governors State University - Alpha Omega
* Holy Family University - Beta Epsilon
* Illinois State University - Alpha Phi
* Iowa State University - [ Gamma]
* Lock Haven University - Beta Lambda
* Minnesota State University - Moorhead - Alpha Tau
* Murray State University - Eta
* New Jersey City University - Delta
* North Greenville University - Beta Delta
* Northern Illinois University - Alpha Delta
* Northwestern Oklahoma State University - Alpha Rho
* Philippine Normal University - Alpha Upsilon
* Providence College - Alpha Xi
* Purdue University - Alpha Kappa
* Purdue University - Calumet - Beta Gamma
* Roosevelt University - Tau
* Saint Joseph's University - Alpha Zeta
* Saint Xavier University - Zeta
* Southern Utah University - [ Beta Alpha]
* Troy University - Dothan - Alpha Lambda
* University of Georgia - Xi
* University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign - [ Beta Eta]
* University of Nebraska at Omaha - Alpha Eta
* University of Northern Iowa - Alpha
* University of Wisconsin-Whitewater - Alpha Theta
* Weber State University - Beta Zeta
* West Chester University - Epsilon
* West Virginia University - Parkersburg - Alpha Chi
* Western Illinois University - Mu
* Widener University - Alpha Psi

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* [ International Reading Association]

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