List of Minnesota ants

List of Minnesota ants

This List of Minnesota ants lists all identified ant species found within Minnesota's borders.


*"Ponera pennsylvanica"


*"Aphaenogaster mariae"
*"A. picea"
*"A. picea rudis"
*"A. tennesseensis"
*"A. treatae"
*"Crematogaster cerasi"
*"Crematogaster lineolata"
*"Harpagoxenus canadensis"
*"Leptothorax ambiguous"
*"L. longispinosus"
*"L. muscorum"
*"L. texanus"
*"L. texanus davisi"
*"Monomorium minimum"
*"M. pharaonis" Pharaoh ant
*"Myrmica alaskensi"
*"M. americana"
*"M. detrinodis"
*"M. emeryana"
*"M. evanida"
*"M. fracticornis"
*"M. incomplete"
*"M. lobifrons"
*"M. punctiventris"
*"M. sculptilis"
*"Pheidole bicarinata"
*"P. pilifera"
*"Protomognathus americanus"
*"Smithistruma perandei" ("Strumigenys pergandei")
*"S. pulchella" ("Strumigenys pulchella")
*"Solenopsis molesta"
*"Stenamma brevicorne"
*"S. diecki"
*"S. impar"
*"S. schmitti"


*"Dolichoderus mariae"
*"Dolichoderus plagiatus" ("Hypoclinea plagiata")
*"D. pustulatus" ("Hypoclinea pustulatas")
*"D. taschenbergi" ("Hypoclinea taschenbergi")
*"Dorymyrmex pyramicus"
*"Forelius pruinosus" ("Iridomyrmex pruinosum")
*"Tapinoma melanocephalum" Ghost Ant (tropical species found in greenhouses in Hennepin and Ramsey counties)
*"T. sessile"


*"Acanthomyops clavige"
*"A. interjectus"
*"A. latipes"
*"A. occidentalis"
*"A. plumopilosus"
*"A. pubescens"
*"A. subglaber"
*"Brachymyrmex depilis"
*"Camponotus americanus"
*"C. discolor" ("C. caryae discolor")
*"C. herculeanus"
*"C. modoc" ("C. pennsylvanicus modoc")
*"C. nearcticus"
*"C. noveboracensis"
*"C. pennsylvanicus"
*"Formica argentea"
*"F. aserva" ("F. subnuda")
*"F. bradleyi"
*"F. ciliate"
*"F. dakotensis"
*"F. emeryi"
*"F. exsectoides"
*"F. fossaceps"
*"F. fusca"
*"F. glacialis"
*"F. hewitti"
*"F. impexa"
*"F. incerta"
*"F. lasioides"
*"F. limata"
*"F. montana"
*"F. neogagates"
*"F. neorufibarbis"
*"F. obscuripes"
*"F. obscuriventris"("F. rufa gymnamma")
*"F. obtusopilosa"
*"F. nitidiventris"
*"F. oreas comptula"
*"F. podzolica"
*"F. reflexa"
*"F. spatulata"
*"F. subsericea"
*"F. pergandei"("F. sublucida")
*"F. ulkei"
*"F. whymperi adamsi"
*"Lasius alienus" ("L. alienus americanus")
*"L. minutus" ("L. bicornis minutus")
*"L. flavus" ("L. brevicornis")
*"L. nearcticus" ("L. flavus nearcticus")
*"L. neoniger" ("L. niger neoniger")
*"L. pallitarsis"
*"L. speculiventris"
*"L. subumbratus"
*"L. umbratus" ("L. subumbratus epinotalis", "L. umbratus aphidcola")
*"Paratrechina parvula"
*"Polyergus breviceps" ("rusfescens fusciventris", "rufescens fusciventris")
*"Prenolepis impairs"


[ Prelimiary list and distribution of the ants of Minnesota]

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