SAP MM is the materials management module of the SAP ERP software package from SAP AG. Materials management is integrated with other modules such as SD, PP and QM. Materials management is used for procurement and inventory management.

The module has two important master data - material and vendor. Broadly, the various levels that can be defined for a SAP MM implementation are: Client, Company Code, Plant, Storage Location and Purchase Organization.

SAP MM is all about managing the materials i.e the resources of an organization. These resources include man, manpower and materials. The main functionality within MM includes purchasing, Inventory management, valuation and assignment, batch management and classification.

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* List of SAP productsImportant SAP MM Tcodes

ME01 Maintain Source List ME03 Display Source List ME04 Changes to Source List ME05 Generate Source List ME06 Analyze Source List ME07 Reorganize Source List ME08 Send Source List ME0M Source List per Material ME11 Create Purchasing Info Record ME12 Change Purchasing Info Record ME13 Display Purchasing Info Record ME14 Changes to Purchasing Info Record ME15 Flag Purch. Info Rec. for Deletion ME16 Purchasing Info Recs. for Deletion ME17 Archive Info Records ME18 Send Purchasing Info Record ME1A Archived Purchasing Info Records ME1B Redetermine Info Record Price ME1E Quotation Price History ME1L Info Records Per Vendor ME1M Info Records per Material ME1P Purchase Order Price History ME1W Info Records Per Material Group ME1X Buyer's Negotiation Sheet for Vendor ME1Y Buyer's Negotiat. Sheet for Material ME21 Create Purchase Order ME21N Create Purchase Order ME22 Change Purchase Order ME22N Change Purchase Order ME23 Display Purchase Order ME23N Display Purchase Order ME24 Maintain Purchase Order Supplement ME25 Create PO with Source Determination ME26 Display PO Supplement (IR) ME27 Create Stock Transport Order ME28 Release Purchase Order ME29N Release purchase order ME2A Monitor Confirmations ME2B POs by Requirement Tracking Number ME2C Purchase Orders by Material Group ME2J Purchase Orders for Project ME2K Purch. Orders by Account Assignment ME2L Purchase Orders by Vendor ME2M Purchase Orders by Material ME2N Purchase Orders by PO Number ME2O SC Stock Monitoring (Vendor) ME2S Services per Purchase Order ME2V Goods Receipt Forecast ME2W Purchase Orders for Supplying Plant ME308 Send Contracts with Conditions ME31 Create Outline Agreement ME31K Create Contract ME31L Create Scheduling Agreement ME32 Change Outline Agreement ME32K Change Contract ME32L Change Scheduling Agreement ME33 Display Outline Agreement ME33K Display Contract ME33L Display Scheduling Agreement ME34 Maintain Outl. Agreement Supplement ME34K Maintain Contract Supplement ME34L Maintain Sched. Agreement Supplement ME35 Release Outline Agreement ME35K Release Contract ME35L Release Scheduling Agreement ME36 Display Agreement Supplement (IR) ME37 Create Transport Scheduling Agmt. ME38 Maintain Sched. Agreement Schedule ME39 Display Sched. Agmt. Schedule (TEST) ME3A Transm. Release Documentation Record ME3B Outl. Agreements per Requirement No. ME3C Outline Agreements by Material Group ME3J Outline Agreements per Project ME3K Outl. Agreements by Acct. Assignment ME3L Outline Agreements per Vendor ME3M Outline Agreements by Material ME3N Outline Agreements by Agreement No. ME3P Recalculate Contract Price ME3R Recalculate Sched. Agreement Price ME3S Service List for Contract ME41 Create Request For Quotation ME42 Change Request For Quotation ME43 Display Request For Quotation ME44 Maintain RFQ Supplement ME45 Release RFQ ME47 Create Quotation ME48 Display Quotation ME49 Price Comparison List ME4B RFQs by Requirement Tracking Number ME4C RFQs by Material Group ME4L RFQs by Vendor ME4M RFQs by Material ME4N RFQs by RFQ Number ME4S RFQs by Collective Number ME51 Create Purchase Requisition ME51N Create Purchase Requisition ME52 Change Purchase Requisition ME52N Change Purchase Requisition ME52NB Buyer Approval: Purchase Requisition ME53 Display Purchase Requisition ME53N Display Purchase Requisition ME54 Release Purchase Requisition ME54N Release Purchase Requisition ME55 Collective Release of Purchase Reqs. ME56 Assign Source to Purch. Requisition ME57 Assign and Process Requisitions ME58 Ordering: Assigned Requisitions ME59 Automatic Generation of POs ME59N Automatic generation of POs ME5A Purchase Requisitions: List Display ME5F Release Reminder: Purch. Requisition ME5J Purchase Requisitions for Project ME5K Requisitions by Account Assignment ME5R Archived Purchase Requisitions ME5W Resubmission of Purch. Requisitions ME61 Maintain Vendor Evaluation ME62 Display Vendor Evaluation ME63 Evaluation of Automatic Subcriteria ME64 Evaluation Comparison ME65 Evaluation Lists ME6A Changes to Vendor Evaluation ME6B Display Vendor Evaln. for Material ME6C Vendors Without Evaluation ME6D Vendors Not Evaluated Since... ME6E Evaluation Records Without Weighting ME6F Print ME6G Vendor Evaluation in the Background ME6H Standard Analysis: Vendor Evaluation ME6Z Transport Vendor Evaluation Tables ME80 Purchasing Reporting ME80A Purchasing Reporting: RFQs ME80AN General Analyses (A) ME80F Purchasing Reporting: POs ME80FN General Analyses (F) ME80R Purchasing Reporting: Outline Agmts. ME80RN General Analyses (L,K) ME81 Analysis of Order Values ME81N Analysis of Order Values ME82 Archived Purchasing Documents ME84 Generation of Sched. Agmt. Releases ME84A Individual Display of SA Release ME85 Renumber Schedule Lines ME86 Aggregate Schedule Lines ME87 Aggregate PO History ME88 Set Agr. Cum. Qty./Reconcil. Date

ME91 Purchasing Docs.: Urging/Reminding ME91A Urge Submission of Quotations ME91E Sch. Agmt. Schedules: Urging/Remind. ME91F Purchase Orders: Urging/Reminders ME92 Monitor Order Acknowledgment ME92F Monitor Order Acknowledgment ME92K Monitor Order Acknowledgment ME92L Monitor Order Acknowledgment ME97 Archive Purchase Requisitions ME98 Archive Purchasing Documents ME99 Messages from Purchase Orders ME9A Message Output: RFQs ME9E Message Output: Sch. Agmt. Schedules ME9F Message Output: Purchase Orders ME9K Message Output: Contracts ME9L Message Output: Sched. Agreements MEAN Delivery Addresses MEB0 Reversal of Settlement Runs MEB1 Create Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.) MEB2 Change Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.) MEB3 Displ. Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.) MEB4 Settlement re Vendor Rebate Arrs. MEB5 List of Vendor Rebate Arrangements MEB6 Busn. Vol. Data, Vendor Rebate Arrs. MEB7 Extend Vendor Rebate Arrangements MEB8 Det. Statement, Vendor Rebate Arrs. MEB9 Stat. Statement, Vendor Rebate Arrs. MEBA Comp. Suppl. BV, Vendor Rebate Arr. MEBB Check Open Docs., Vendor Reb. Arrs. MEBC Check Customizing: Subsequent Sett. MEBE Workflow Sett. re Vendor Reb. Arrs. MEBF Updating of External Busn. Volumes MEBG Chg. Curr. (Euro), Vend. Reb. Arrs. MEBH Generate Work Items (Man. Extension) MEBI Message, Subs.Settlem. - Settlem.Run MEBJ Recompile Income, Vendor Reb. Arrs. MEBK Message., Subs. Settlem.- Arrangment MEBM List of settlement runs for arrngmts MEBR Archive Rebate Arrangements MEBS Stmnt. Sett. Docs., Vend. Reb. Arrs. MEBT Test Data: External Business Volumes MEBV Extend Rebate Arrangements (Dialog) MECCP_ME2K For Requisition Account Assignment MEDL Price Change: Contract MEI1 Automatic Purchasing Document Change MEI2 Automatic Document Change MEI3 Recompilation of Document Index MEI4 Compile Worklist for Document Index MEI5 Delete Worklist for Document Index MEI6 Delete purchasing document index MEI7 Change sales prices in purch. orders MEI8 Recomp. doc. index settlement req. MEI9 Recomp. doc. index vendor bill. doc. MEIA New Structure Doc.Ind. Cust. Sett. MEIS Data Selection: Arrivals MEK1 Create Conditions (Purchasing) MEK2 Change Conditions (Purchasing) MEK3 Display Conditions (Purchasing) MEK31 Condition Maintenance: Change MEK32 Condition Maintenance: Change MEK33 Condition Maintenance: Change MEK4 Create Conditions (Purchasing) MEKA Conditions: General Overview MEKB Conditions by Contract MEKC Conditions by Info Record MEKD Conditions for Material Group MEKE Conditions for Vendor MEKF Conditions for Material Type MEKG Conditions for Condition Group MEKH Market Price MEKI Conditions for Incoterms MEKJ Conditions for Invoicing Party MEKK Conditions for Vendor Sub-Range MEKL Price Change: Scheduling Agreements MEKLE Currency Change: Sched. Agreements MEKP Price Change: Info Records MEKPE Currency Change: Info Records MEKR Price Change: Contracts MEKRE Currency Change: Contracts MEKX Transport Condition Types Purchasing MEKY Trnsp. Calc. Schema: Mkt. Pr. (Pur.) MEKZ Trnsp. Calculation Schemas (Purch.) MELB Purch. Transactions by Tracking No. MEMASSIN Mass-Changing of Purch. Info Records MEMASSPO Mass Change of Purchase Orders MEMASSRQ Mass-Changing of Purch. Requisitions MENU_MIGRATION Menu Migration into New Hierarchy MEPA Order Price Simulation/Price Info MEPB Price Info/Vendor Negotiations MEPO Purchase Order MEQ1 Maintain Quota Arrangement MEQ3 Display Quota Arrangement MEQ4 Changes to Quota Arrangement MEQ6 Analyze Quota Arrangement MEQ7 Reorganize Quota Arrangement MEQ8 Monitor Quota Arrangements MEQB Revise Quota Arrangement MEQM Quota Arrangement for Material MER4 Settlement re Customer Rebate Arrs. MER5 List of Customer Rebate Arrangements MER6 Busn. Vols., Cust. Reb. Arrangements MER7 Extension of Cust. Reb. Arrangements MER8 Det. Statement: Cust. Rebate Arrs. MER9 Statement: Customer Reb. Arr. Stats. MERA Comp. Suppl. BV, Cust. Rebate Arrs. MERB Check re Open Docs. Cust. Reb. Arr. MERE Workflow: Sett. Cust. Rebate Arrs. MEREP_EX_REPLIC SAP Mobile: Execute Replicator MEREP_GROUP SAP Mobile: Mobile Group MEREP_LOG SAP Mobile: Activity Log MEREP_MIG SAP Mobile: Migration MEREP_MON SAP Mobile: Mobile Monitor MEREP_PD SAP Mobile: Profile Dialog MEREP_PURGE SAP Mobile: Purge Tool MEREP_SBUILDER SAP Mobile: SyncBO Builder MEREP_SCENGEN SAP Mobile: SyncBO Generator MERF Updating of External Busn. Volumes MERG Change Curr. (Euro) Cust. Reb. Arrs. MERH Generate Work Items (Man. Extension) MERJ Recomp. of Income, Cust. Reb. Arrs. MERS Stmnt. Sett. Docs. Cust. Reb. Arrs. MEU0 Assign User to User Group MEU2 Perform Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate MEU3 Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate MEU4 Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate MEU5 Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate MEW0 Procurement Transaction MEW1 Create Requirement Request MEW10 Service Entry in Web MEW2 Status Display: Requirement Requests MEW3 Collective Release of Purchase Reqs. MEW5 Collective Release of Purchase Order MEW6 Assign Purchase Orders WEB MEW7 Release of Service Entry Sheets MEW8 Release of Service Entry Sheet MEW9 mew9 MEWP Web based PO MEWS Service Entry (Component) ME_SWP_ALERT Display MRP Alerts (Web) ME_SWP_CO Display Purchasing Pricing (Web) ME_SWP_IV Display Settlement Status (Web) ME_SWP_PDI Display Purchase Document Info (Web) ME_SWP_PH Display Purchasing History (Web) ME_SWP_SRI Display Schedule Releases (Web) ME_WIZARD ME: Registration and GenerationJ1IS Outgoing excise Invoice OthersJ1IH Exice JVJ1IEX Capture Display Post in coming excise invoice

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* Murray, Martin (2008). "SAP MM-Functionality and Technical Configuration (2nd Edition)". SAP Press. ISBN-10|159229134-1

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