List of wave topics

List of wave topics

This is a list of wave topics.


*21 cm line


*Abbe prism
*absorption spectrum
*Airy disc
*Airy wave theory
*Alfvén wave
*Alpha waves
*amphidromic point
*amplitude modulation
*analog sound vs. digital sound
*animal echolocation
*artificial wave
*atmospheric diffraction
*atmospheric wave
*atmospheric waveguide
*audience wave


*Babinet's principle
*Bandwidth-limited pulse
*Berry phase
*Bloch wave
*Boussinesq approximation (water waves)
*Bragg diffraction
*Bragg's law
*Breaking wave
*Brillouin scattering
*Bullet bow shockwave
*Business cycle


*capillary wave
*carrier wave
*Ernst Chladni
*circular polarization
*closed waveguide
*coherence (physics)
*coherence length
*collimated light
*Compton effect
*continuous phase modulation
*continuous wave
*cutoff wavelength


*De Broglie hypothesis
*delta wave
*dielectric waveguide
*direction finding
*dispersion (optics)
*dispersion (water waves)
*dispersion relation
*dominant wavelength
*Doppler effect
*Doppler radar
*Draupner wave
*Douglas Sea Scale


*echo (phenomenon)
*echo sounding
*electromagnetic wave
*electromagnetic wave cut-off
*Elliott wave
*elliptical polarization
*essential bandwidth
*evanescent wave
*extremely low frequency


*F wave
*Faraday wave
*Fraunhofer diffraction
*freak wave
*frequency modulation
*fundamental frequency


*Gaussian beam
*geometric optics, geometrical optics
*gravitational radiation
*gravity wave
*group delay
*group velocity


*human echolocation
*hundred-year wave
*Huygens' principle
*hydraulic jump


*in phase
*inertial wave
*internal wave
*inverse scattering transform


*Kelvin wave
*knife-edge effect


*Lamb waves
*Landau damping
*linear elasticity
*linear polarization
*longitudinal mode
*longitudinal wave
*Love wave


*Mach wave
*Mach-Zehnder interferometer
*microwave auditory effect
*microwave oven
*microwave plasma
*Mie scattering
*millimeter cloud radar
*multipath propagation


*nonlinear Schrödinger equation
*normal mode


*ocean surface wave
*optical waveguide
*out of phase


*phase (waves)
*phase difference
*phase inversion
*phase modulation
*phase velocity
*pitch shifter (audio processor)
*plane wave
*pressure wave
*pulse-density modulation


*QT interval
*quadrature amplitude modulation
*quantum optics
*quantum tunneling


*radar astronomy
*radar cross section
*radar gun
*radio propagation
*radio waves
*Rayleigh scattering
*Rayleigh wave
*Rayleigh-Jeans law
*reflection coefficient
*reflection seismology
*relativistic Doppler effect
*ring modulation
*ring wave guide
*ripple tank
*rogue wave (oceanography)
*Rossby wave

*sample (signal)
*sawtooth wave
*sea state
*seismic wave
*Sellmeier equation
*shallow water equations
*shock wave
*significant wave height
*sine wave
*single-sideband modulation
*solitary wave
*sound wave
*speed of sound
*square wave
*standing wave
*standing wave ratio
*Stokes drift
*super low frequency
*surface wave
*surface acoustic wave
*surface-wave-sustained mode
*swell (ocean)
*synthetic aperture radar


*tidal bore
*tidal power
*tidal resonance
*tired light theory
*transverse mode
*transverse wave
*traveling-wave tube
*triangle wave
*trigonometric function


*ultra low frequency
*ultraviolet catastrophe
*undular bore
*underwater wave


*vestigial-sideband modulation
*vibrating string
*voltage standing wave ratio


*wave base
*wave drag
*wave equation
*wave impedance
*wave period
*wave power
*wave vector
*waveform monitor
*wavenumber-frequency diagram
*waves and shallow water
*wave velocity
*wave-particle duality
*wavefunction collapse
*wavelength-division multiplexing
*Wien's law


*X-band radar


*zero-dispersion slope
*zero-dispersion wavelength
*zone plate

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