Terminal may mean:

In travel and transport

*Pharmaceutical Buying House , is a private initiative global trading platform, located in Dhaka, Bangladesh
*Airport terminal, a building at an airport
*Bus terminal, a bus station
*Container terminal, a facility which handles shipping containers and cargo
*Ferry terminal, a docking facility for passenger and/or auto ferries
*Freight terminal, a freight station
*Pipeline terminal, a storage facility at the downstream end of a pipeline transport
*Shipping terminal, a sea port or a dock or a berth
*Marine terminal, a sea port or a dock (maritime) or a berth
*Terminal station, a passenger rail station

In electronics, telecommunication, and computers

*Terminal (electronics), a device for joining electrical circuits together
*Terminal (font), a monospace font
*Terminal (telecommunication), a device communicating over a line
*Remote terminal unit (RTU), a telemetry device interfacing to a DCS or SCADA system
*Computer console, a text output device for system administration messages
*Computer terminal, a hardware device for data entry and display in a computer system
*Dumb terminal, a computer terminal that has limited functionality
*Pseudo terminal, a piece of code that routes a server I/O to and from some application, assuming that it will implement the text terminal behavior
*Terminal emulator, an application program replacing a computer terminal
*Apple Terminal, a terminal emulator application included with Mac OS X
*Text terminal, any computer interface for serial entry and display of textual data
*Virtual console, a concept that permits multiple terminals on one hardware

In sciences

*Terminal object, a type of object studied in category theory
*Terminal symbol in formal grammar, a symbol that cannot be further divided
*Polymer terminal in chemistry, the end residue on any polymer chain
*Terminal velocity in physics, the maximimum velocity of an object or body affected by gravitational force from a larger object at which it ceases to accelerate due usually to atmospheric drag ("see also Terminal velocity (disambiguation)")
*Terminal crown, a feature of living trees

In fiction

*Terminal, an asteroid base in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED


*Terminal (band) was an Alternative/Indie rock band form Texas, USA
*Terminal illness, a progressive disease that is expected to cause death
*"Terminal" (novel) a novel by Robin Cook
*"Termina"l (Colin Forbes novel), a novel by Colin Forbes
*Terminal sedation, the practice of inducing unconsciousness in a terminally ill person for the remainder of the person's life
*"The Terminal", a 2004 film by Steven Spielberg, in which a man is trapped in an airport terminal
*"Terminal Entry", a 1986 movie directed by John Kincade, about teenage hackers stumbling on a terrorist computer network.
*The Potsdam Conference, code-named “Terminal”, the last Allied meeting of World War II
*Suffix, in grammar
*Ending (linguistics)

ee also

*Freight station
*Intermodal freight transport
*Intermodal passenger transport
*Terminal illness
*Termination (disambiguation)

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