Wild On!

Wild On!

"Wild On!" was a travel show that was produced from 1997 until 2003 by E!. The series transported its viewers to the scariest "fun" destinations in the world, from Miami to Milan. It had three primary hosts over the years: Jules Asner (1997-1999), Brooke Burke (1999-2002), and Cindy Taylor (2002-2003). The show also had a variety of guest hosts during its run, including models such as Victoria Silvstedt, Jenna Jameson, Tim Cheveldae, Karen McDougal and Ashley Massaro. The E! broadcasts usually censored nudity, however rebroadcasts on the Canadian network Star!, and late night showings in E! Latino are uncensored. It also has a new series in Australia called Naked Wild On which is also uncensored. The series is sometimes referred to as "Wild on E!", however the on-screen title actually incorporated the location featured in a particular episode, for example "Wild On Jamaica".

The show's ratings peaked during the Brook Burke years, but took a major dive when Burke left the show at the end of 2002.

The show originally was supposed to have a new season in 2005 with Tara Reid as the new host. However, a week before the start of the new season, E! changed the focus of the show based on the footage from Tara's travels, and decided to reconfigure it as a reality program based around Tara traveling the world with her friends. The show's title was then changed to "Taradise", with the travelogue format of the show dropped and the focus exclusively on Tara. The E! International network, broadcast out of the UK, shows "Taradise" under the name "Wild On Tara!"

Repeats of the program have since been discontinued because of E! buying more late-night programming from outside producers and the show's age.Fact|date=June 2008

Naked Wild On!

Naked Wild On! is a re-edit of Wild On! in the style of Girls Gone Wild. It brings together various scenes of nudity within the show into a series of themed episodes (see below). All episodes are uncensored and narrated for comical effect. They are all 30 minutes long including commercials.

Episode list

Some episode titles use alliteration.
*Decadent Destinations
*Sinful Cities
*What Where They Thinking?
*Girls Girls Girls
*Carnal Carnival
*Spring Break
*Naughty, Nice, and Naked
*Exotic Erotica
*Bump and Grind
*Voluptuous Vixens
*Bikini Beach Babes
*Crazy People

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