The Sandlot 2

The Sandlot 2

name =The Sandlot 2

writer =David M. Evans Robert Gunter
starring =Max Lloyd-Jones Neilen Benvegnu James Willson James Earl Jones Cole Evan Weiss Greg Germann
director =David M. Evans
producer =David Bixler Vicki Sotheran
distributor =20th Century Fox
released =May 3, 2005
runtime =97 minutes
language = English
budget =
music =Laura Karpman
awards =
preceded_by ="The Sandlot"
followed_by =""
imdb_id =0418131

"The Sandlot 2" is a direct-to-DVD 2005 sequel to The Sandlot.


The movie is set in 1972, 10 years after the events of The Sandlot. New kids have moved into the neighborhood of San Fernando Valley in Southern California, and have started playing baseball in the sandlot. The previous kids have all grown up and gone away. A young boy named Johnny Smalls, the younger brother of Scott Smalls (the first film's protagonist), has heard the legend of "The Great Fear," (a beastly mutated dog, as he puts it when he later on tells the group about the beast) owned by Mr. Mertle, who lives behind the sandlot. David Durango (Max-Lloyd Jones) is the leader of the boys. Behind the sandlot; next to Mr. Mertles home lives Hayley Goodfairer(Samantha Burton), a spunky, pretty, cute, goodlooking,tomboy, puissant girl from the South who had moved into the neighborhood a month before school let out. Hayley and her two friends befriend the boys ; at first in a census to share the Sandlot, but their relationship burgeons potently into a friendship when they find themselves in a big problem with the beast next door.

One day, when one of the kids gets a titanium baseball bat, it smacks their ball over the junk wall of Mr. Mertle's house and afterwards try to retrieve it. But just when they were about to cross over through a passage in the fence, Johnny stops them and tells them the story of "The Great Fear:" How it used to be a junkyard dog, eating or killing others who trespassed into the junkyard. There was a boy who loved the comic book hero named Rapid Rocket, and would run fast like him. On his first day of school, he went past Mr. Mertle's house (who forgot to lock the back gate), and The Great Fear got out and chased the boy. It was unknown what happened to him after he was cornered by "The Great Fear". Soon afterward, a wall made of assorted junk was built, and Mr. Mertle was ordered by the officials to keep the dog locked up forever. Ever since, if anything went over the fence, it would never come out.

The main conflict comes when the space rocket for the future of NASA and the United States built by Hayley's father is accidentally launched by Johnny, who initially thought he'd be test launching it with Mr. Goodfarier, is perplexed be the delay of Haley's father and launches it on his own by total misfortune.The rocket goes over Mr. Mertles junk wall and Haley along with everyone else frantically try many things to get it back, including hiring the boy called "The Retriever" (Griffin Reilly Evans), but he fails, and decides to retire. Then, just like Benny Rodriguez from the first movie David must go over the wall to retrieve the rocket. Once he retrieves it the dog chases him all over town. When David defeats the dog they find out its name is Goliath. After that the kids can be seen running to the sandlot because Goliath got away and realize that he only wanted to get out to see his girlfriend dog, who was also behind a fence. As all the kids are leaving Hayley and David share a gorgues first kiss with each other. And Mr. Mertle decides to not build a new fence because he's tired of kids thinking he is a mean old man.

In the final moments of the movie the narrator tells what happened to all the sandlot kids. Mac joined the army after high school, was wounded in the Gulf War, won a Purple Heart and joined the Peace Corps. Saul and Sammy started a record company for hip hop music and called it Def Jam Records. Sammy used the money he made from Def Jam to start a gum company call Kissing Booth Bubblegum. Penny and Jenny raised three kids with their families. Tarquell was abducted by aliens in 1984 and was never seen again. Haley became a super model and a pitcher for a women's softball team; she won two gold medals. David and Hayley went all the way through High School together then went their separate ways. Ten years after college they met again. David; being as if he'd first met her again in grade school, is too nervous to speak. Hayley, like before, spoke for him by saying "You're supposed to say will you marry me?" and they had kids togther and lived a happily ever-after.

imilarities to "The Sandlot"

The movie, while a true sequel in the sense that it references the first film and takes place later, is little more than a re-telling in terms of content. Nearly every plot point is the same between "The Sandlot 2" and its predecessor. The differences include the item sent over the fence (now a rocket instead of an autographed ball), girls on the team, and the additional plot point of David's secret identity. This film can be seen as an attempt to cash in on the cult following of "The Sandlot", and introducing the same story to a new generation. It also has a bit of Lord of the Rings theme in the beginning.

This fashion of retelling a story with different characters in a direct-to-video sequel has been done before, in sequels such as "The Skulls II" and "Cruel Intentions 2".

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