Electric Power Steering

Electric Power Steering

Electric power steering (EPS or EPAS) is designed to use an electric motor to reduce effort by providing assist to the driver of a vehicle. Most EPS systems have variable assist, which allows for more assistance as the speed of a vehicle decreases and less assistance from the system during high-speed situations. This functionality requires a delicate balance of power and control that has only been available to manufacturers in recent years. The EPS system has replaced the hydraulic steering system (HPS or HPAS) in many passenger cars recently: EPS is so far limited to passenger cars, as a higher voltage electrical system is necessary to operate EPS in larger vehicles.

Unlike HPS systems, EPS systems do not require a hydraulic pump, which is belted into the engine. Rather the EPS system's electric motor is powered by the vehicle's alternator which is belted into the engine. The efficiency advantage of an EPS system is derived from the fact that it is activated only when needed. Thus, a vehicle equipped with EPS may achieve an estimated improvement in fuel economy of 3% compared to the same vehicle with conventional HPS.Fact|date=April 2008 However, any fuel economy benefit of EPS over HPS can be negated in situations where a vehicle is not driven on straight-aways very often, or where a vehicle's wheels are out of alignment.Fact|date=May 2008

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