Spirits (TV series)

Spirits (TV series)

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show_name = Spirits

caption = ABS-CBN's Spirits
format = Fantasy, Drama, Horror
runtime = 30 minutes
num_episodes = 107 episodes
starring = Rayver Cruz
John Wayne Sace
Maja Salvador
Lot Lot De Leon
Serena Dalrymple
Jiro Manio etc.
country = Philippines
network = ABS-CBN

Spirits was a popular television program that was released by ABS-CBN in early 2005. It is about eight kids who find out one day that they had special gifts. They received their powers when a supernatural epidemic hit their hometown. The kids' names are Red, Gabby, Lloyd, Liz, Nato, Thor, Jesse, and Maya.

The Epidemic

One day, the kids' hometown was hit by a strange epidemic. The strange thing about it was that the sickness only affected kids. About a week after the sickness hit, almost every toddler and kid in town was affected. The town hospital was full of kids. One night, the evening sky started to change colors. It started to look like a mix of pink, red, and purple. A few hours after the sky changed, a pregnant lady was taken to the hospital. What she did not know is that the baby that she was carrying was an alien. An unknown man did know about the alien, and he went to the hospital to kill it which meant that he would have to kill the lady too. The man entered the emergency room. but he was too late. The alien was born and just as he entered the room, the alien released a bright light in the hospital and it killed almost all the children that were in the hospital. The only ones who survived were the eight kids and the adults.

Mortals, Immortal and Elementals

The story tells that the world was composed by three different groups. Mortal, Immortals, Elementals.


Mortals were the group of simple people. Some got powers.

List of Mortals in the Story:

*"Red" ("Rayver Cruz") - the group’s de facto leader, and the first of the teens to consider banding together to figure out why there are so many “gifted” kids in town. He and six of his friends, who are the most powerful of the "gifted" kids, form the Camera Club. He possesses the power of telekinesis and eventually, later in the series, gained the ability to levitate.

*"Gabby" ("Maja Salvador") - the school’s classic overachiever whose sunny ways ensure she is liked by everyone she meets. She is the object of Red's and Lloyd's affections and spends much of the series torn between them. She does not possess any powers.

*"Lloyd" ("John Wayne Sace") - who can see the dead as clearly as the living. In the latter part of the series, as part of the characters' power "upgrades", he is able to project a corporeal double of himself, and later of others.

*"Nato" ("Jiro Manio") - the descendant of a long line of healers who now struggles with his gift of speaking with enchanted creatures usually "duwendes" (dwarves). He gains the power of the third eye which enables him to see through illusions. He also gains the power of a gatekeeper and is able to jump between different dimensions.

*"Liz" ("Serena Dalrymple") - a mind-reader who eventually realizes that the “curse” for reading other people’s thoughts is really a gift. Her power eventually grows, enabling her to control minds.

*"Thor" ("Mico Aytona") - the easy-go-lucky class clown who joins the Camera Club for his own not-quite-honest reasons. Though lacking any power, he has helped his friends through many of their adventures and is also ready to help when needed.

*"Maya" ("Michelle Madrigal") - Maya is an empath, a psychic who can sense, understand and absorb another person’s emotions even if that other person is not in the same room. Maya's powers later improve and she is able to project feelings through her hands, which she has used to inadvertently cause boils to appear on someone's skin.

*"Jesse" ("Joseph Bitangcol") - A more dangerous power lies within resident rebel Jesse, who finds out he can start fires with just his mind. As part of the characters' power "upgrade," he is able to mold and control fire using his hands.

*"Kuya Dong" ("Jhong Hilario") - the school's resident maintenance man and Nato's uncle. He is the only one who knows about Brita and her true plan. He hopes to stop her on his own in order to protect the kids and prevent Brita's rise to power.


Immortal were creatures that can't die.

*"Taga-sundo (Death)" - The most hated person in the Engkanto's world. He can shape-shift into Bats.

*"Hinagpis (Pain)" ("Glenda Garcia") - Taga-sundo's Sister. If Pain and Death touched each other, One of them is going to die.

*"Taga-Bantay (Guardian)" ("Lito Pimentel" )- The one who guards the magical stone that completes the reborn of the darkness.


Elementals are those who are supernatural creatures.

*"Prinsipe Dumala" ("Danilo Barrios")- The prince of Engkantos. He was disguising as a human because he likes Gabby.

*"Bakshi" - An elf friend of Nato and Dong. Mang Emong, Dong and Nato's Father told him to look after them.

*"Sola" ("Kristine Jaca") - A disguiser. She disguise as a Gabby when Gabby was still with the Taga-sundo, so that the people won't worry about Gabby.

Mga Taong Araw - Red and Lloyd meet them when they were travelling to save Gabby in the World of Elementals. Taong Araws works and give fun to Prinsipe Dumala.

*"Bughaw" ("Janus del Prado") - A taong araw who hates Red and Lloyd when they entered their troupe.

*"Luntian" ("Ronaliza Cheng") - she helped Red and Lloyd when they were still in the troupe.

Mga Diwata (Fairies) - They helped Lloyd and Red to go to the World of Elementals.

*"Diwatang Tubig" ("Cherry Lou") - Fairy of water.

*"Diwatang Apoy" ("Jenny Miller") - Fairy of fire.

*"Diwatang Hangin" - Fairy of Air

*"Diwatang Lupa" - Fairy of Land

Mga Mangkukulam (Witches)

*"Brita" ("Lot-Lot de Leon") - Lloyd's mother and Jesse's aunt. She is dead as the series starts, but still regularly talks to Lloyd. He hopes to use Lloyd to do her bidding. Though motherly at first, her true goal is to finish what she started: to collect the "gifted" kids in town and sacrifice them in order to gain more power and to live.

*"Leader of Mangkukulams" ("Bella Flores") - Brita's Aunt and Leads the group of mangkukulams.

Other Characters

"Marjorie Barretto "- Gabby's Mom
"Sandy Andolong "- Red's Mom
"Ricky Davao" - Red's Dad
"Cris Villanueva" - Liz'z Dad
"Ilonah Jean" - Maya's Mom
"Allyson Lualhati "- Lloyd's Ghost friend
"Miles Ocampo "- Grace - Gabby's Sister
"Efren Reyes Jr" - Police Chief Jaime - Jessie's step-dad"Nica Peralejo"
"Helga Krapf"
"Blair Arellano"
"Sergio Garcia"
"Glaiza de Castro"
"Minnie Aguilar"
"Dexter Doria" - School Principal


*The show was re-aired on Studio 23 in 2005 and on the Kapamilya Channel in 2007


*The tv series' official theme song was "You'll Be Safe Here" performed by Rivermaya.

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*List of shows previously aired by ABS-CBN


The drama received mix reviews from TV viewers and critics. It's highest rating was 37.4%, the lowest was 20.5% and an average of 24.9%.

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