Jat Clan: Nalere
Distribution Punjab (Pakistan)
Descended from: Chadhar
Branches: None
Religion Islam
Languages Punjabi and Jhangochi
Surnames: Nalere

The Nalere are a clan of the Chadhar tribe, found in the province of Punjab, in Pakistan.



Nalera is spelt as Nalera but spoken as Lalera.


There are three main branches of Lalere (Nalere):

1- Fataili

2- Ramali

3- Mirjane

Now,a little explain of every branch

1- Fataili

They are land lord any richest from the other two.They are living in District Khanewal, Multan, Toba Tek Singh and Sahiwal.

2- Ramali

They were landless.They are living in District Jhang, their villages name are; Gulgasht, Ahmed Wala, Veryyam wala and pirpunja and some families in Tibbi Lalera. They are also found in District Vehari, Toba Tek Singh and Bukher. Nowadays they have become businessmen and industrialists. Many people of them have involved in politics at lower level.

3- Mirjane

They were bourgeois.They are living in Tibbi Lalera. It is offen said that Tibbi Lalera is main abode of Lalera clan. Their main population has settled in Shadi Pur, Sherrein Awan and Maro Qilla.

If we go in further classification then all three branches are divided in many families, let us classify 3rd branch. The Mirjane are divided into three main families.

1- Aidal K

2- Baig K

3- Risalo K

Geographical findings

Nalera is considered a sub clan or gotra amongst 21 sub clans of Chadhars.Tibbi Lalera is their main abode which is located at right bank of river chenab almost opposite side to the Talhi Mangini and they are also found in Shadipur and Sheikhan villages.

Famous personalities[citation needed]

  • Ch.Sikander Hayyat Number Dar Tibbi Lalera
  • Lal Khan Lalera, Businessman of Faisalabad
  • Ch.Muhammad Siddique (late) EST High School Inayt Pur
  • Ch.Ghulam Akber, Headmaster (R) Elementary School Kul
  • Ch.Omer Hayat
  • Rai Zameer Lalera DSP CIA
  • Rai Ijaz Ahmed Lalera DPO Bakhar
  • Ch.Azhar Hassan [Ex. Member of district council, Jhang]
  • Muhammad Faisal Hayat Software Engineer
  • Naeem Akhtar Lalera (Ex. President MSF Govt Degree College Jhang)
  • Mhr Mohsin Lalera [Ex. Member of district council, Khanewal]
  • Dr.Mohammad Faisal Lalera, Child Specialist, Childern Complex Multan
  • Mian Manzoor Lalera, CEO Lalera Enterprises
  • Mr.Zulfiqar Lalera, Vice President Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank, Mor Khunda Branch

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