Iliac fossa

Iliac fossa

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Name = Iliac fossa
Latin = fossa iliaca
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GrayPage = 234

Caption = Right hip bone. Internal surface. (Iliac fossa visible at upper left.)

Caption2 = Pelvic girdle. (Region of iliac fossa visible at tip of arrow pointing from the word "Ilium".)
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DorlandsPre = f_14
DorlandsSuf = 12376041
The iliac fossa is a large, smooth, concave surface on the internal surface of the ilium (part of the hip bone). The fossa is bounded above by the crest, and below by the arcuate line; in front and behind, by the anterior and posterior borders.

The fossa gives origin to the Iliacus muscle and is perforated at its inner part by a nutrient canal; below this there is a smooth, rounded border, the arcuate line, which runs anterior, inferior, and medial.


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