Jane is a female given name. It is one of the many feminine forms of John. It is also a Catalan last name, spelled as Jané or Janè. For more information on the origin of the name, see Jane (given name).


Jane can be used to identify a generic public person. It is often used in conjunction with its male counterpart John. See the following:
*Jane Doe, female counterpart to John Doe
*Jane Q. Public, female counterpart to John Q. Public


* "Jane," an underground Chicago abortion service in the late 1960's and early 1970's (before "Roe vs. Wade").



*"Songs About Jane", album by Maroon 5
*"Jane Doe", album by Converge


*Jane (band), a German progressive rock band from the 1970s
*Jane (Panda Bear band), an American duo consisting of Scott Mou and Noah Lennox (aka Panda Bear of the Animal Collective)
* Jane (Finnish band), a Finnish Pop Girl Band
*Jane's Addiction, an American alternative rock band
*Saving Jane is a band from Columbus Rock, alternative rock


*"Baby Jane", a song by Rod Stewart.
*"Queen Jane Approximately", a song by Bob Dylan from his 1965 album "Highway 61 Revisited"
*"Jane", a song by Ben Folds Five from their 1999 album "The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner"
*"Jane", a song by the Barenaked Ladies, from their 1994 album "Maybe You Should Drive"
*"Jane", a song by Brooks Williams
*"Jane", a song by Catie Curtis
*"Jane", a song by Elf Power
*"Jane", a song by EPMD, from their 1988 album "Strictly Business"
*"Jane", a song by the Jefferson Starship, from their 1979 album "Freedom at Point Zero"
*"Jane", a song by the Loved Ones, from their 2006 album "Keep Your Heart"
*"Jane", a song by Sam Rosenthal
*"Jane", a song by Vance Gilbert
*"Jane (Stop This Crazy Thing!)" a song by MC Shan
*"Happy Birthday Jane", a song by The Enemy
*"Lady Jane", a song by The Rolling Stones
*"Lazy Line Painter Jane", a song by Belle and Sebastian
*"Me Jane", a song by PJ Harvey
*"My Blue Eyed Jane", a song by Lulu Belle White and recorded by Jimmie Rodgers at Hollywood Recording Studios in 1930
*"Sweet Jane", a song originally performed by The Velvet Underground and covered by The Cowboy Junkies
*"Jane, Jane, Jane", a song by The Kingston Trio
*"The Diary of Jane", a song by the band Breaking Benjamin
*"Jane Says", a song by Jane's Addiction based on lead singer Perry Farrell's ex-housemate, Jane Bainter
*"Soldier Jane", a song by Beck on his album "The Information"
* "Zoe Jane", a song by Staind
* "Hazey Jane" a song by Nick Drake
* "Jane Fonda" a song by Mickey Avalon

Print media


*"The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman", a book by Ernest Gaines
*"Jane", a 1900 book by Marie Corelli
*"Jane and the Dragon", series of children's books by Martin Baynton
*"Jane Eyre", a novel by Charlotte Brontë
* "Jane of Lantern Hill", a book by L.M. Montgomery
*"See Jane Run", a 1992 novel by Joy Fielding


*"Jane (comic strip)", a comic strip by Norman Pett
*"Jane Arden", a comic strip and its title character
*"Jane's World", a comic strip that debuted in March 1998 about Jane Wyatt, a young lesbian woman
*"Painkiller Jane"
*"The P.L.A.I.N. Janes", a 2007 comic created by Cecil Castellucci and published by DC Comics' Minx imprint, that stars four characters named Jane (Main Jane, Brain Jane, Theater Jane, and Sporty Jane). A sequel called "Janes in Love" is planned.


*"Jane (magazine)", a magazine replacement for "Sassy Magazine"


*Jane (cosmetics), a cosmetics company owned by the Estée Lauder Companies. The cosmetics are available at drugstores.
*Jane Collective, an organization providing illegal abortions in the Chicago area in the 1960s and early 1970s
*Jane's Information Group, often called Jane's, which publishes books and trade magazines that are considered the "de facto" public source of information on warfare and transportation systems


*Jane (dinosaur), Jane the juvenile dino at the Burpee Museum of Natural History

Fictional characters named Jane


* Jane Doe, a character on the animated series "Camp Lazlo"
*Jane Jetson, from the animated series "The Jetsons"
*Jane Lane (Daria), a character on the television show Daria.

Comic books

*Jane Foster (comics), a character in "Marvel Comics"
*Painkiller Jane, a comic book character that has spawned a made-for-TV movie and a TV series


*Dick and Jane, characters by Zerna Sharp
*Jane (Ender's Game), an entity resembling modern conceptions of AI, from the "Ender's Game" series
*Jane, Wendy Darling's daughter from J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan mythos. Jane was also the central character in the Disney "Peter Pan" movie sequel, "Return to Neverland"
*Jane Banks, a child of Mr. & Mrs. Banks in the Mary Poppins books, film, and stage musical
*Jane Bennet, the eldest sister of the Bennet family in "Pride and Prejudice"
*Jane Eyre, the titular character of a famous novel by Charlotte Brontë and several film adaptations based on it
*Miss Jane Marple, an elderly spinster and amateur detective created by mystery writer Agatha Christie
*Jane Porter (Tarzan), the sweetheart of Tarzan

TV, film, & theater

* Jane, a character on "7th Heaven"
*Jane Christie, a character from "Coupling (TV series)"
*Jane Beale (previously Collins), a character from the BBC soap opera "EastEnders"
*Jayne Cobb, a character on the sci-fi series Firefly.
*"Becoming Jane", a 2007 film based on the life of Jane Austen
*"G.I. Jane", a 1997 war-movie, with Demi Moore in the leading role.

Video games

*Jane (Tekken), a minor female character in the Tekken video game series

Real people with Jane as a given name


*Jane Burden, pre-Raphaelite model and muse, known for her beauty
*Jane Frank (1918-1986), American artist
*Jane Kelly, artist and journalist


*Jane Adams (actress), American actress
*Jane "Poni" Adams, American actress
*Jane Asher, English actress and author
*Jane Badler, actress
*Jane Birkin, actress and singer
*Jane Bryan, American actress
*Jane Curtin, American actress and comedian
*Jane Fonda, American actress, former fitness instructor, and daughter of actor Henry Fonda
*Jane Goldman, British writer and television presenter; wife of Jonathan Ross
*Jane Kaczmarek, American actress
*Jane Krakowski, American actress
*Jane Lapotaire, English actress
*Jayne Mansfield, American actress and 1950s-1960s sex symbol
*Jane March, English actress
*Jane McDonald, English singer and television star
*Jane Monheit, American singer
*Jane Novak, American actress
*Jane Powell, American actress and singer
*Jane Russell, American actress and sex symbol
*Jane Seymour, English actress
*Jane Siberry, Canadian singer/songwriter, has changed her name to Issa
*Jane Wiedlin, American singer and rhythm guitarist, sometime member of the Go-Go's
*Jane Wyman, American actress and ex-wife of President Ronald Reagan
*Jesse Jane, American pornographic actress and model


*Calamity Jane (1852-1903), U.S. frontierswoman
*Jane Addams, American Nobel Peace Prize-winning social worker and co-founder of Hull House.
*Jane Roe, alias of Norma Leah McCorvey, plaintiff in the landmark 1973 "Roe v. Wade" Supreme Court case that legalized abortion in the United States.


*Jane Austen (1775-1817), a famed 18th century British novelist, famous for "Emma" and "Pride and Prejudice".
*Jane Louise Curry, American writer
*Jane Lindskold, American author
*Jane Taylor, English poet and novelist
*Jane Yolen, American author
*Jane Kenan, French and English author

News media

*Jane Pauley, American television journalist


*Jane Elizabeth Faulding, British Protestant Christian missionary
*Jane Frances de Chantal, French saint


*Jane Loeau (1828-1873), Hawaiian noble lady
*Lady Jane Grey (1537-1554), Queen of England, also known as Jane of England
*Jane Seymour, Queen and wife of King Henry VIII of England
*Lady Jane Conyngham, Baroness
*Jane Wharton, Baroness
* Jane Lane, Lady Fisher (1626-1689), played a heroic role in the Escape of Charles II in 1651


*Jane Colden, American botanist
*Jane Goodall, English primatologist, known for studying chimpanzees and founder of The Jane Goodall Institute
*Jane McGrath, co-founder of the McGrath Foundation


*Jane Frederick, American heptathlete
*Jane Patterson, Canadian judoka
*Jane Salumäe, Estonian marathon runner

Real people with Jane as a surname

* Fred T. Jane, the founding editor of reference books on warships ("All the World's Fighting Ships") and aircraft
* Thomas Jane, actor
* Joseph Jane Royalist MP


* Jane (ship), a ship that disappeared near Australia in 1816.


* Jane Street, a major street in Toronto. Hence:
** Jane and Finch, a neighbourhood.
** Jane (TTC), a subway station.

ee also

*Baby Jane
*Joanna - origin of the name Jane
*Mary Jane
*Sarah Jane

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