I Will Get There

I Will Get There

Single infobox |
Name = I Will Get There
Artist = Boyz II Men

from Album = The Prince of Egypt (OST)
Released = December 29, 1998
Format = CD single
Recorded = 1998
Genre = Gospel
Length = 4:23
Label = DreamWorks Records
Writer = Diane Warren
Producer = Jimmy Jam
Terry Lewis
Boyz II Men
Chart position =
*#32 (US Hot 100)
Last single = "Can't Let Her Go"
This single = "I Will Get There"
Next single = "Pass You By"

"I Will Get There" is single recorded by Boyz II Men in 1998 for the soundtrack of the Dreamworks animated film "The Prince of Egypt". The track spent forty-one days on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and, as of May 2008, remains to be the group's final Top 40 hit.

The song was written by Diane Warren and produced by Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Boyz II Men. The group sings the song a cappella for the recording, which peacked at number thirty-two on the Hot 100 when released as a single. "I Will Get There's" music video was directed by Darren Grant.

Track listing

# "I Will Get There [Build Up Edit] " — 4:06
# "I Will Get There [Build Up Mix] " — 4:17
# "I Will Get There [LP Version] " — 4:20
# "I Will Get There [A Cappella with Strings] " — 4:18

ee also

*The Prince of Egypt (soundtracks)

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