Prime Minister of Montenegro

Prime Minister of Montenegro

Prime Minister of Montenegro, full title: "Predsjednik Vlade Republike Crne Gore" ("President of the Government of the Republic of Montenegro") is the leader of the Government of Montenegro. The prime minister directs the work of the Government, and submits to the Parliament of Montenegro the Government's Program including a list of proposed ministers. The resignation of the prime minister will cause the fall of the Government.

List of Heads of Government of Montenegro (1879-Present)

Principality of Montenegro (1879-1910)

Prime Ministers

"These Governments were in exile in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France until February 1919, and in San Remo, Italy from February 1919".

Montenegro Committee for unity with Serbia (1918-1919)


President of the Assembly

Socialist Republic of Montenegro (1945-1991)

Minister for Montenegro (part of Yugoslav government)

=Republic of Montenegro (in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, 1991-2003 and the State Union Serbia and Montenegro, 2003-2006)=

Prime Ministers

Republic of Montenegro (Independent, 2006-Present)

Prime Ministers

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