List of commemorative days

List of commemorative days

The following is a list of observed commemorative days, that is, days that are used by various governments, groups and organizations to raise awareness of an issue, commemorate a group or event, or celebrate something.

*All Saints' Day - November 1
*All Souls' Day - November 2
*Australia Day - January 26
*ANZAC Day - April 25
*April Fools Day - April 1
*Arbor Day
*Armistice Day (also Remembrance Day) - November 11
*Ash Wednesday - depends on the date of Easter (as early as February 4 or as late as March 10)
*Bank Holiday
*Children's Book Day - April 2
*Chinese New Year
*Cities for Life Day - November 30
*D-Day - June 6 1944
*Darwin Day - February 12
*Day of the Dead - November 1(All Saints' Day) or November 2(All Souls' Day).
*Earth Day - April 22
*Easter - Western Christianity-Sunday March 22 to April 25 inclusive :: Eastern Christianity-April 4 and May 8 (1900 to 2100)
*European Day of Languages - 26 September, sponsored by the Council of Europe and European Union
*Fathers' Day
*Flag Day
*German Unity Day - October 3
*Groundhog Day - February 2
*Halloween - October 31
*Hangul Day - October 9 (South Korea) January 15 (North Korea)
*Imbolc - beginning of February or at the first local signs of Spring
*International Day for Biological Diversity - May 22
*International Talk Like a Pirate Day - September 19
*Inventor's Day
*Kwanzaa - December 26 to January 1
*Labour Day
*Lantern Festival - 15th day of the 1st month in the lunar year in the Chinese calendar
*Lunar New Year - 1st day of the 1st month of the Chinese calendar.
*Mardi Gras
*Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - 3rd Monday of January
*May Day - May 1
*Melbourne Cup Day - 1st Tuesday in November
*Mole Day - October 23
*Mother's Day - May 11
*New Year's Day - January 1
*Pi Day - March 14
*Purim - 14th of the Hebrew month of Adar
*Queen's Birthday
*Saint Patrick's Day - March 17
*Shrove Tuesday - the day before Ash Wednesday
*Towel Day - May 25
*Transgender Day of Remembrance - November 20
*Valentine's Day - February 14
*Veterans Day - November 11
*Victory in Europe Day - May 7/May 8
*Victory over Japan Day - August 14/August 15
*Washington's Birthday - USA 3rd Monday of February.
*International Women's Day - March 8
*World Ocean Day - June 8


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