List of national border guard agencies

List of national border guard agencies

This is the list of the Border Guard agencies in different countries. Such agencies may also be known as "Border Patrol", "Border Police", "Border Troops", "Frontier Guard" or "Frontier Police".


*China mainland - People's Armed Police, Ministry of Public Security
*Israel - Israel Border Police
*Hong Kong - Border District, Hong Kong Police Force
*India - India maintains numerous border guard forces;
**Border Security Force (BSF) 185,000 on the NW Border area
**Indo-Tibetan Border Police - 12,000
**Rashtriya Rifles: 40,000 personnel in Kashmir
**Border wing of the Indian Home Guard: 400 to 600,000 personnel
**Special Frontier Force - 10,000 personnel primarily used for conducting clandestine intelligence gathering and commando operations along the India Chinese border. Officially constrained from operating within 10 km of the border
**Assam Rifles in Assam, an internal security force with secondary duties along the eastern borders.


*European Union - Frontex
*Belarus - State Border Committee
*Estonia - Piirivalve
*Finland - Finnish Border Guard
*France - Directorate-general of customs and indirect taxes
*Germany - German Federal Police
*Italy - Guardia di Finanza
*Latvia - State Border Guard
*Lithuania - State Border Guard Service
*Norway - Garnisonen i Sør-Varanger
*Poland - Border Guard (Poland) ( _pl. Straż Graniczna)
*Romania - Romanian Border Police ( _ro. Poliţia de Frontieră)
*Russia - Border Guard Service of Russia ( _ru. Пограничная служба России)
*Switzerland - Border Guard Corps
*Ukraine - State Border Guard Service of Ukraine ( _uk. Державна Прикордонна Служба України)
*United Kingdom - UK Border Agency

North America

*Canada - Canada Border Services Agency and Royal Canadian Mounted Police
*United States of America - United States Border Patrol


*Australia - Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Australian Customs Service
*New Zealand - Immigration New Zealand and New Zealand Customs Service

Defunct agencies

* East Germany - Grenztruppen der DDR (Border Troops of the GDR)
*Soviet Union - USSR Border Troops

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