Faro may refer to:


*Faro (district), in the Algarve, southern Portugal.
**Faro, Portugal, main city in Faro district.
**Faro Airport (Portugal) in Faro, Portugal (IATA: FAO).
**Roman Catholic Diocese of Faro, in Faro, Portugal.
*Faro, Yukon, Canada.
**Faro Airport (Yukon) in Faro, Yukon, Canada (IATA: ZFA).
**Faro/Johnson Lake Water Aerodrome, in Faro, Yukon, Canada.
**Faro (electoral district), in Faro, Yukon, Canada.
*Faro, Spain, parish in Lugo, Spain.
*Punta del Faro, northeastern point of Sicily, Italy.
*Faro National Park, national park in Cameroon.


*Rodrigo Faro, Brazilian actor.
*Saint Faro, also known as Burgundofaro, Roman Catholic Bishop of Meaux, France.
*Faro, pseudonym of Faith and Ross Eckler
**FAro, pseudonym of Faith Eckler
**faRO, pseudonym of Ross Eckler

Buildings and Structures

*Faro de Moncloa, transmission tower in Madrid, Spain.
*Faro del Comercio, building in Monterrey, Mexico.
*El Faro towers, complex of two towers in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


*Faro's Daughter, novel by Georgette Heyer.
*Faro de Vigo, Galician newspaper from Vigo, Spain.
*Faro (card game), card game descendant of Basset.
*Faro shuffle, method of shuffling playing cards.
*Faro (mythology), god in Mande mythology.
*Faro, type Belgian beer.
*Faro technologies, United States technological company.

ee also

*9358 Fårö, main belt asteroid.
*Fårö, island in Sweden.
*Farø Bridges, in Denmark
*Faros, village in Greece.
*Faroe Islands, Danish archipelago in the North Atlantic
*Ferro, alternative name for El Hierro, island in the Canary Islands, Spain.
*Farro, a wheat plant also known as Emmer.
*Pharos (disambiguation)
*Pharaoh (disambiguation)
*Pharao (disambiguation)

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