Kayseri Province

Kayseri Province

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The Kayseri Province, in central Turkey, is an area that has been linked with mythological stories as well as important figures in Turkish history. It is located in Anatolia, and surrounded by the Mount Erciyes, the Mount Hasan and the Mount Ali. The Ali mountain is named like that in honor of Ali Baba, who is said to have lived in the area.


Kayseri province is divided into 16 districts (capital district in bold):




Kayseri was first known as the city of "Masaka". Later, during the Roman period, the province's name was changed to "Kaesarea", then "Kayzer" before becoming known with its modern name of "Kayseri". Danismend Gazi conquered Kayseri in 1084. The Seljuk Empire then modernised the province, with new buildings and mosques being built around. During this period, the "Şifahane", Kayseri's first hospital, and perhaps the first hospital in all of Anatolia, was built. It was built in honor of Princess Gevher Nesibe Hatun, daughter of the Sultan. She died of a disease at a young age. Construction of the hospital was completed in 1206.

Later on, Kayseri became a cultural mecca of poets, artists in Turkey. Seyyid Burhaneddin lived there, and so did others such as Kadi Burhaneddin and Seyrani, among many others. Seynari was born in 1807. Sinan the Great, an Ottoman architect, was also from Kayseri.

According to Turkish mythology, a man named Hasan Baba would cross mountains during the month of August every year and bring Ali Baba snow, which would not melt.

Modern Kayseri

Kayseri is nowadays a province filled with modern buildings and museums. Some of Turkey's most famous statues and monuments are located there. The modern city of Kayseri is in the Melikgazi district.

Transportation in Kayseri

Apart from taxi and bus transportation, Kayseri has a modern jet airport, Kayseri International Airport is served by Air Berlin, Aero Lloyd and local airline Turkish Airlines.

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