Environmental management system

Environmental management system

The Environmental Management System (EMS) is part of a management system of an organization (enterprise, authority, etc.), in which specific competencies, behaviours, procedures and demands for the implementation of an operational environmental policy of the organization are defined.

Legislation and standards

Within the European Union (EU) legislation was introduced to encourage businesses to voluntarily adopt ISO 14000.

Regulation (EC) No 761/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 March 2001, allowed voluntary participation by organisations in a Community eco-management and audit scheme Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

The implementation of a robust EMS, which may incorporate ISO 14001, should lead to improved environmental performance, including better and more consistent legal compliance.

The [http://webstore.ansi.org/FindStandards.aspx?Action=displaydept&DeptID=230&Acro=ISO%20&DpName=ISO%20ICS%2013.020%20-%20ISO%2014000%20-%20Environmental%20Management ISO 14000 standards] reflect different aspects of environmental management. The following list outlines the broad coverage of each:

* Environmental Management Systems:
** 14001-2004, 14002, 14004
* Environmental Auditing:
** 19011
* Environmental Labeling:
** 14020, 14021, 14022, 14023, 14024, 14025
* Life Cycle Assessment:
** 14040, 14041, 14042, 14043


There are a range of benefits associated with operating an effective Environmental Management Systems (EMS):


* Cost savings through the reduction of waste and more efficient use of natural resources (electricity, water, gas and fuels.)
* Avoiding fines and penalties from not meeting environmental legislation by identifying environmental risks and addressing weaknesses.
* Reduction in insurance costs by demonstrating better risk management...

Operational and Internal

* Improved overall performance and efficiency.
* Able to monitor and reflect (audit) your businesss and see which areas need intervention


* Better public perception of the organization, leading to improved sales
* Reduction of the impact (e.g. noises, smells, dust) of your activities on the local residents, leading to more community support

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