name = Buteoninae

image_caption = American Golden Eagle ("Aquila chrysaetos canadensis")
image_width = 300px
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Aves
ordo = Falconiformes
familia = Accipitridae
subfamilia = Buteoninae
subdivision_ranks = Genera
subdivision = About 2 dozen, see article

Buteoninae is a bird of prey subfamily which consists of medium to large broad-winged species.

They have large powerful hooked beaks for tearing flesh from their prey, strong legs and powerful talons. They also have extremely keen eyesight to enable them to spot potential prey from a distance.

This subfamily contains the buzzards, true eagles and sea eagles.


*Genus "Geranoaetus" - Black-chested Buzzard-eagle

*Genus "Buteo" - buteonine hawks (North America) or buzzards (Europe): nearly 30 species (probably paraphyletic, might include "Leucopternis" in part and "Parabuteo")

*Genus "Parabuteo" - Harris's Hawk

*Genus "Buteogallus" - crab-hawks: 5 species (probably paraphyletic, might include "Leucopternis" in part and "Harpyhaliaetus")

*Genus "Busarellus" - Black-collared Hawk

*Genus "Leucopternis" - Grey hawks (probably polyphyletic)
** Plumbeous Hawk, "Leucopternis plumbea"
** Slate-coloured Hawk, "Leucopternis schistacea"
** Barred Hawk, "Leucopternis princeps"
** Black-faced Hawk, "Leucopternis melanops"
** White-browed Hawk, "Leucopternis kuhli"
** White-necked Hawk, "Leucopternis lacernulata"
** Semiplumbeous Hawk, "Leucopternis semiplumbea"
** White Hawk, "Leucopternis albicollis"
** Grey-backed Hawk, "Leucopternis occidentalis"
** Mantled Hawk, "Leucopternis polionota"

*Genus "Kaupifalco" - Lizard Buzzard

*Genus "Butastur"
** Grasshopper Buzzard, "Butastur rufipennis"
** White-eyed Buzzard, "Butastur teesa"
** Rufous-winged Buzzard, "Butastur liventer"
** Grey-faced Buzzard, "Butastur indicus"

*Genus "Harpyhaliaetus" - Solitary eagles
** Crowned Solitary Eagle, "Harpyhaliaetus coronatus"
** Solitary Eagle, "Harpyhaliaetus solitarius"

*Genus "Morphnus" - Crested Eagle

*Genus "Harpia" - American Harpy Eagle

*Genus "Pithecophaga" - Philippine Eagle

*Genus "Harpyopsis" - New Guinea Harpy Eagle

*Genus "Oroaetus"
** Black-and-chestnut Eagle, "Oroaetus isidori"

*Genus "Spizastur"
** Black-and-white Hawk-eagle, "Spizastur melanoleucus"

*Genus "Spizaetus" - Crested hawk-eagles: c.10 species

*Genus "Lophaetus" - Long-crested Eagle (possibly junior synonym of "Ictinaetus")

*Genus "Stephanoaetus" - Crowned Hawk-eagle

*Genus "Polemaetus" - Martial Eagle

*Genus "Hieraaetus"" - Hawk-eagles: 3 species; Genus name unavailable or belongs in "Aquila"

*Genus "Aquila" - true eagles: c.12 species; paraphyletic

*Genus "Ictinaetus" - Black Eagle

*Genus "Haliaeetus" - Sea-eagles and brown fish-eagles: 8 species

*Genus "Ichthyophaga" - Grey Fish-eagles: 2 species

*Genus "Harpagornis" - might belong into "Aquila"
** Haast's Eagle, "Harpagornis moorei" (extinct)

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