Skin Gang

Skin Gang

"Skin Gang", directed by Canadian filmmaker Bruce LaBruce, follows the various sexual and violent escapades of several skinheads. The film raised a great amount of controversy when it premiered 2000, as many viewers were disturbed by its violent and sexual content, and many critics within the gay community criticized it for perpetuating negative stereotypes about homosexuals, as well as glorifying violence.

As is typical of films directed by LaBruce, Skin Gang contains a great deal of sexually explicit content, which generally causes it to be categorized as adult or pornographic material. A strong theme in the film is sado-masochism. One infamous scene involves a character masturbating and ejaculating onto a copy of "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler. Another scene, in which a gang of skin heads break into the apartment of an interracial couple and rape and torture them, caused walk-outs at film festivals.

The film was produced and shot in the U.S., England and Germany. It was co-produced with Cazzo Film, a German gay porn company that produced a similar video, Sex Skins, in 2000. Skin Gang is available in a softcore re-edited version entitled Skin Flick.

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