Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys

Infobox Television
show_name = Trailer Park Boys

caption = "Trailer Park Boys" cast, circa season 4
format = Mockumentary
runtime = 22.420 Minutes
creator = Mike Clattenburg
writer = Mike Clattenburg
John Paul Tremblay
Robb Wells
Mike Smith
Barrie Dunn
Jackie Torrens
Iain Macleod
director = Mike Clattenburg
starring = John Paul Tremblay
Robb Wells
John Dunsworth
Pat Roach
Lucy DeCoutere
Sarah Dunsworth
Cory Bowles
Michael Jackson
Barrie Dunn
Jeanna Harrison
Ellen Page
Shelley Thompson
Tyrone Parsons
Garry James
Sam Tarasco
Mike Smith
Jonathan Torrens
composer = Blain Morris
country = CAN
distributor = DEX Distribution
network = Showcase
first_aired = April 22, 2001
last_aired = Present
location = Halifax Regional Municipality
num_seasons = 7
num_episodes = 56 (including prequel special)
list_episodes = List of Trailer Park Boys episodes
producer = Mike Clattenburg
Barrie Dunn
Michael Volpe
editor = Jeremy Harty
Irving Thatcher
Sarah Byrne
story_editor = Iain Macleod
website =
imdb_id = 0290988
tv_com_id = 10334

"Trailer Park Boys" is a popular Canadian mockumentary television series focusing on the misadventures of a group of trailer park residents, some of whom are ex-convicts, living in fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park, located in Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia. It premiered in April 2001. The show's creator and director is Mike Clattenburg.

Shot from the cameraman's point of view (à la "COPS"), the low-budget program became something of a rarity in English Canada: a homegrown phenomenon. For example, characters (particularly Bubbles) often appear on novelty T-shirts. The show's lead trio formerly toured with Our Lady Peace, and with Guns N' Roses, with whom Bubbles sings his trademark song "Liquor and Whores". The Trailer Park Boys have also appeared in music videos with The Tragically Hip, while Bubbles has appeared with George Canyon and Snow, and they have been presenters at numerous award shows - always in character. Several famous artists appear on the show, such as Alex Lifeson from Rush in "Closer to the Heart", singer Rita MacNeil in the season four finale "Working Man", Sebastian Bach from Skid Row, and singer/songwriter Denny Doherty in the season seven finale "A Shitriver Runs Through It".

The show is a great success for the cable network Showcase, where it is the network's highest-rated Canadian series. It airs in Australia on the Comedy Channel, in the United Kingdom and Spain on Paramount Comedy, in the Republic of Ireland on Channel 6, in Iceland on Skjáreinn, in New Zealand on TV 2, in Israel on Xtra HOT, in the Netherlands on Comedy Central Netherlands, in Denmark on DR2, in Portugal on SIC Radical, in Germany on Comedy Central Germany, in Finland on Nelonen, and in Bulgaria on Nova Television. In the United States, BBC America formerly aired a censored version of the show, but it is no longer part of their lineup. The show just launched in Poland on Comedy Central Polska. cite web |url=| title=Comedy Central]


*Ricky (Robb Wells)
*Julian (John Paul Tremblay)
*Bubbles (Mike Smith)
*James "Jim" Lahey (John Dunsworth)
*Lucy (Lucy Decoutere)
*Randy AKA Randy Beau-Bandie (Patrick Roach)
*Sarah (Sarah E. Dunsworth)
*J-Roc (Jonathan Torrens)
*Cory and Trevor (Cory Bowles and Michael Jackson)
*Barbara Lahey (Shelley Thompson)
*Trinity (Jeanna Harrison-Steinhart)
*Ray (Barrie Dunn)


The Movie

The second Trailer Park Boys movie to be produced (The first being the original black and white production that sparked the series), "" (Tagline: Greasiest movie of the year) was released on October 6, 2006, and distributed by Alliance Atlantis. Ivan Reitman is a producer of the project. Mike Clattenburg directed. Also known as "", it was nominated for a Genie for best picture of the year, but did not win.

DVD releases

Alliance Atlantis Home Entertainment has released seven seasons of "Trailer Park Boys" on DVD in Region 1.


The cast and crew took the summer of 2007 off, although the production of another special one-hour episode will take place.cite web |url=| title=Showcase] It is uncertain if the show will return for future seasons, but Showcase is indicating that there will be a final season of the show that will film in 2008 and air in 2009. There are rumors also indicating a spin-off of the series in the future.

In 2008, Wells, Tremblay, and Smith attended UFC 83 in Montreal, and were seen out of character to a major audience for the first time. All three actors were not wearing any of their trademark attire. It was said that there would be another season, although details were not announced.

In January 2009, the boys will be in character at Massey Hall in Toronto, Canada. They will be performing the Ricky, Julian and Bubbles Community Service Variety Show. The premise is that they are fulfilling court order community service and must put on a puppet show aimed to demonstrate the dangers of using alcohol and drugs. They have previously performed the show to good reviews across the Maritimes.

Currently a sequel to "The Big Dirty" is now being filmed. [ [ official site for Randy and Mister Lahey] in the calendar under shows.]


*A characteristic of "Trailer Park Boys" is that the actors portraying Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles are rarely seen out of character, even in behind-the-scenes montages. Even at public events the actors remain in character. The only exceptions to this are the commentary tracks for the Season 4 DVD and the DVD blooper reels. The three have also done an interview with 100.3FM "The Bear", a radio station in Edmonton, Alberta, while they were out of character talking about the release of the movie.
*One of the trademarks that hasn't been seen in recent episodes is interaction with the film crew and cameraman. Shaky, "documentary"-like shots have all but disappeared. In its place are more professional camera cuts and rehearsed scenes. An exception to (and example of) this is in the recent season 7 episode "I Banged Lucy and Knocked Her Up... No Big Deal", in which Ricky complains the crew/boom mic operator is following him too close and starts pushing them out of the way on camera. This is also seen in the season 7 episode "We Can't Call People Without Wings Angels, So We Call Them Friends" when the sound man gets too close to Ricky who is packing necessities in the "Shitmobile" car with Julian and Bubbles, in preparation of the search for Jacob and his two nameless friends who are missing. The episode "Three Good Men are Dead" also features Ricky cussing at the sound man for getting in the way as he tries to drag an unconscious Randy out of his trailer, asking the camera crew to help them move Randy, Lahey and Phil.
*The show has some interesting intellectual moments: Bubbles quotes Plato when Julian consults him for advice on what to do about Lucy's crush on him; Ray enters into an impromptu discussion with the camera crew about Calvinism; Mr. Lahey (mis)quotes from the play Julius Caesar when Randy betrays him; Ricky makes an interesting reference to George Orwell's Animal Farm being about "more deeper shit" in Season 2 when trying to finish his Grade 10. Bubbles at one point compares himself to Holden Caulfield from the book "Catcher in the Rye".
*Ellen Page (frequently) guest appears in the show's second seasons as Treena Lahey, Jim Lahey's daughter.
*Jim Lahey will often refer to Randy as "Bo-Bandy". He only does this however, while drunk(except episode 4 season 6). Lucy also refers to him as "Bo-Bandy" in season 7.
*Most characters do not have last names. This is seen whenever the characters are in court, the judge refers to them only by their first names, even when sentencing them. Also, in the episode "Conky" a hospital receptionist asks what Bubbles' last name is. Julian evades the question, telling her that his name is "just Bubbles." Likewise, when Bubbles and Julian encounter their former grade 3 teacher, she also uses the name Bubbles, even though it seems more likely that she would have known him by his real first name. However, nearly every police officer on the show does have a last name (Jim Lahey, George Green, Ted Johnson). The only non-police officers on the show to have last names are Barb and Treena Lahey (although they are in an officer's family), Phil, Jacob and Thomas Collins, Patrick Swayze, Sebastian Bach, Alex Lifeson, Sam Losco, Steve Rogers, and Mrs. Peterson.
*The unseen character of Donny (referred to as Danny by Ricky) who frequently screams, "WHAT IN THE FUCK?!", is actually Mike Smith, who plays Bubbles on screen.Dubious
*The name Terry is used almost every time a character who is neither present or important to the plot is mentioned. The only notable Terry is Dennis's brother with whom he sells hash from their grandmother's home. He is often referred to as "Fuckin' Terry" by Ricky.
*Among the names of Bubbles' kitties are Ten Toes, Daisy, Stinkster, Sgt. Meowenstein, Shit Rock, Mr. Grumpyface, Snapjacks, Vince the Pince, Steve French (A Couger addicted to weed that appeared in one episode), The Purr Monster, Nar-Nar and Snappy.
*For the first 2 seasons Mike Smith, who while still playing Bubbles, was the sound-man of the show. In season 1 the episode "Who Invited These Idiots to My Wedding?", after they rob the store and are driving away, Bubbles has a microphone in his hand.
*In early seasons, J-Roc's gang, the RocPile, was composed of a variety of people throughout the trailer park, some of whom were even Caucasian like J-Roc himself. In later seasons, the RocPile is comprised of only J-Roc, DVD and J-Roc's best friend, T (also referred to as Tyrone, Tyler, or T-Knuckles).
*In response to criticism on most of the antics Ricky partakes in, he usually replied that it's "No big deal," yet when something is a big deal to Ricky, it's known as a "major situation."
*The "Shitmobile" (a 1975 Chrysler New Yorker) driven by Ricky, is owned by director Mike Clattenburg, and Mr. Lahey's car (a 1978 Chrysler New Yorker) is actually owned by Robb Wells (Ricky). According to the DVD commentary of Seasons 1 and 2, Robb Wells broke the door off of the Shitmobile during filming of Season 1, and Clattenburg states "I'll do something to his car". As of season 6, Lahey drives around his old car, but with the roof and windshield sheared off. There are actually two 1975 models used. The second was introduced in the Christmas Special (which takes place in 1997 but was actually shot in 2005, and is used to explain how the shitmobile wound up in its current state.
*The actress Sarah Dunsworth (Sarah) is the daughter of John Dunsworth (Jim Lahey).
*In an episode in the second season where Mr. Lahey and Sam are running for elections of park supervisor, there is a reference to the Martin Scorsese movie Taxi Driver when a character that greatly resembles Robert de Niro's Travis Bickle is seen in the crowd as Sam is giving his speech.
* In the second season episode "The Bare Pimp Project," one of the books Ricky is using to "study" for his Grade 10 is a "Fodor's" guide to Amsterdam, a city infamous for common recreational drug use.
*In the episode "Closer To The Heart" when Ricky goes to Alex Lifeson's room and eventually kidnaps him, the room number is 2112, a reference to the popular Rush album and title-track "2112". Also in the movie the large coin holder they steal has 2112 written on the main body of the machine.
*In the episode "Closer to the Heart", the voice on Bubbles' radio is Jamie Paterson, morning man on Q104 radio (Halifax's rock radio station).
* In the third season episode "The Delusions of Officer Jim Lahey", Jim Lahey states it is the anniversary of the day he got kicked off the force. Later that day, when he puts his uniform on, Bubbles remarks "What the fuck Lahey, it ain't Halloween yet". In the sixth season episode "Halloween 1977", it is revealed that the incident that got him fired actually occurred during Halloween.
*At the start of season 4 Ricky and Bubbles wear blue and white Sunnyvale hockey jerseys. These jerseys are never seen again on the show. In "The Big Dirty", a random trailer park citizen is seen wearing one of these jerseys in the background of a scene right after someone throws garbage at Ricky's car. In July 2006, Leroi Moore wore one of these jerseys while performing at the Dave Matthews Band concert in Toronto.
*Actor Robb Wells (Ricky) performs many of his own stunts, including dangerous driving stunts. In episode #25 "The Green Bastard" he was actually a few inches away from driving the front end loader into a ditch.
*Mike Clattenburg and Mike Smith (Bubbles) are both fans of Rita MacNeil and were happy to have her cameo in "Working Man". Indeed, Bubbles shows that he is a fan as well.
*At the end of the fourth season when Randy is speaking to the camera crew about Mr. Lahey outside of the mental institution, in the background is a man with a leather jacket and a black hat. This is a reference to the film "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", with the man in the jacket being Jack Nicholson's character, McMurphy. The film, which is Mike Clattenburg's favourite (by his own admission, in the season 1 commentary), is referenced regularly throughout the series.
*Between Season 4 and Season 5, the salary for Assistant Trailer Park supervisor changed from $4,600 to $5,200 a year.
*The final episode of Season 6 marks the first time that absolutely no one has gone to jail before the beginning of the next season. It was, at the time, speculated as a series finale by some, but John Dunsworth cleared up the rumours by confirming a seventh season.
*Cory and Trevor (Played by Cory Bowles and Michael Jackson respectively) have both retired from the show and did not appear in the seventh season. The season premiere for the seventh season said that they had broken down and were in a mental institution due to the constant torment they received from Ricky. The remaining characters say they will never be coming back.
* The community college is the show known as "Dartmouth Regional Vocational School" is located in Cole Harbour District High School, in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia.
*The Trailer Park Boys hosted "The Bear's 13th Halloween Howler" and are scheduled to host the fourteenth as well. " [ The Bear] " is an Edmonton radio station "CFBR-FM" that plays rock music. It is a huge party full of crazy (and often sexy) costumes and drunken mayhem.
*In the 2006 novel "Variable Star" by Spider Robinson, a pair of recidivist transportees aboard an interstellar ship named "Richie and Jules" attempt to get the protagonist to help them grow poppies. Jules carries a dark drink at all times and they attempt to pass themselves off as "Corey Trevor and Jay Rock". Their counsel at the court case is "Lahey".
*There is a bar in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia named Bubble's Mansion in the character's honour. It is decorated with hanging shopping carts and 'Trailer Park' memorabilia. The house drink is the Green Bastard, being a shot of absinthe with RedBull Energy Drink
*In the episode "Where the Fuck is Randy's Barbecue," Bubbles makes a "Super double bunkbecue", which is two barbecues welded together ( one on top of the other) and he said "I'd like to see that red blue Green cock sucker make one of those, duct tapin' it." A reference to "The Red Green Show".
*In the episode "We Can't Call People Without Wings Angels So We Call Them Friends" the note that is left behind by Jacob Collins reads "if you are freeze framing this on dvd you are fucked!"
*The English comic book writer, Jamie Meakes, has often stated that the show is his favourite comedy show since Steptoe & Son. Meakes' approach to the 'absurdity of swearing' is very similar to Mike Clattenburg's, and comic book critics have often called them 'two peas in the same pod'. Meakes is also a huge cat fan and once said "I'd only ever trust Bubbles to look after my moggies!"
*Unlike Ricky and Julian, Bubbles shows a remarkable ability to avoid getting arrested by the police whenever they close in on the Boys. He has managed either to escape by hiding from the cops in a river or under a highway overpass, or by otherwise convincing the police that he isn't associated with Ricky and Julian. The sole exception came at the end of Season Four, when he was arrested by Officer George Green for driving with a fake driver's licence.

Money-making schemes

Over the seasons the Boys have undertaken many schemes to make money and get rich. Their goal in Season 2 is "Freedom 35," a plan to have enough money to retire by age 35. These schemes inevitably fail due to Cory and Trevor, as well as their own general stupidity (with the exception of Bubbles).

* In Season 6, Ricky decides to open up "Garbageland" which is his 'business' in which he sells stolen belongings from people in the neighbourhood. He explains to the camera: "One man's garbage is another man person's good ungarbage," and gets Trevor to go up on people's property and bring BBQ's and lawn furniture to the curb. "Once it's at the curb, it's garbage," according to Ricky, so then he's doing people a favour by taking the stuff away from the curb ("Throwing out their garbage"). He goes on to explain that this scheme makes perfect sense, since he believes neither he nor Trevor are stealing. "Trevor goes up, takes the stuff and brings it to the curb. That's taking out their garbage. That's not stealing. I come along and pick it up, so I'm doing people a favour... I'm getting rid of their garbage. That's not stealing. So if he's not stealing and I'm not stealing, who's stealing? No one. It's perfectly fine." He brings all of this "garbage" back to the park to sell to people to make a quick buck.

* Throughout the series, Bubbles throws shopping carts down a steep hill at Penhorn Mall in Dartmouth, retrieves them later, repairs them and sells them back to the stores for $18. He reasons that it isn't theft because most of the money goes back into the malls in order to buy cat food. Lahey and Randy do not interfere in this enterprise, but in Season 5, Bubbles was given a hard time by Gary the Head Mall Cop, which hurts his feelings and makes him cry, prompting a furious Julian to go back and "convince" Gary and the other mall security guards—at gunpoint—to let Bubbles steal all the carts he wanted.

* When Ricky and Julian are released from jail at the start of Season Two, they begin by stealing car stereos from cars parked at the local mall and reselling them to J-Roc to get money to set up their dope operation. They succeeded in stealing the stereos, but they weren't able to get much money from J-Roc because his fencing business hadn't been doing well, and because the stereos they stole were actually casette decks, which were not worth very much. They were then forced to come up with another scheme...

* Running an illegal nightclub in J-Roc's mom's trailer. Cory and Trevor passed out leaflets in a bar called "The Empty Closet" and attracted a gay all-male crowd. Cory and Trevor go home with some "ladies" that they picked up at the nightclub, but later they learn that they are in fact not "ladies". While Lahey, Randy, and the police forced the club to shut down, the plan was a success, as the club made a tremendous amount of money. Randy, who wanted the credit for stopping it, allowed the Boys to keep the cash, which they used to buy hydroponics gear and marijuana clones for their grow-op from J-Roc.

* Stealing people's groceries from Sobeys and Superstore right off the parcel-pick up line and re-selling them back at the trailer park for money and booze. After burning down his father's trailer, Ricky attempts to do this, only to be stopped and threatened (unsuccessfully) by J-Roc and Tyrone (who came up with the idea, and were ultimately arrested for it).

* J-Roc, Tyrone, Sarah, and Lucy (and, in one episode, Julian; Ricky was offered, but he turned them down, saying it was "against his vice-principals.") steal luggage from an airport, and resell the clothing at J-Roc's store in a trailer called "Scrilla Villa" which is rumoured to be a takeoff of Value Village. The business is used more to explain other characters' actions:

* Lahey is ordered to file paperwork to arrest the five, refuses to, and "fellow" officers George Green and Ted Johnson attempt to murder him (for that reason), Randy and Phil Collins (an unwitting witness), and make it look like an accident. Thanks to Ricky, Julian and Bubbles, they are saved, and frame the two for police brutality (successfully). Later, after Barb runs off with Sam, and Randy injures himself at the opening of the Dirty Burger, a drunken (after almost a year of sobriety) Lahey, now reunited with Randy (to whom Lucy, pregnant with Randy's child, had proposed the day before), has J-Roc, Tyrone, Sarah and Lucy arrested, and sprays Lucy with pepper spray. They are ultimately released at the end of the season. Bubbles uses the services of Scrilla Villa to disguise himself (very poorly), after Ray tips him off about the Swayze Express theft (which Bubbles had committed earlier that month).

* Filming and distributing J-Roc's homemade porno movies. J-Roc usually sells these on eBay to Europe and local grocery stores. Such films include "From Russia With The Lovebone", "The Bare Pimp Project", and "J-Roc's Greasy Trailer Park Girls Gone Wild!". Ricky and Bubbles both star in the first film; however, Ricky flat-out refuses to appear in the second with Bubbles, who once again is more than happy to oblige. "Bare Pimp Project" is less a money-making scheme and more truthfully a plan spawned by Julian -- who pays J-Roc eight hundred dollars to finance the film and receive a free copy-- in order to usurp Sam's plan to marry Barbara, as the boys fear this will give Sam more influence over the trailer park. The third film was cancelled following a trailer park breakdown by the police.

* Reselling stolen gasoline, which was syphoned out of the cars of unsuspecting citizens. Ricky states that "regular tastes tangy, supreme tastes sour and diesel tastes pretty good." Plan fails when the police arrive, they blame it on Cory and Trevor, who are on oxygen tanks after drinking gasoline and unable to defend themselves. The two were sentenced to 450 hours of community service.

* Organising a spring fair in the park, complete with a wrestling ring and Bubbles as his wrestling gimmick "The Green Bastard from parts unknown". This comes into idea after Ricky gains control of the park as supervisor, but it fails when Randy and Lahey stop the event and Ricky, losing his temper, flips some cars with a front end loader.

* Staging a rap concert in the trailer park, with J-Roc and his homies as the main entertainment. Admission included all-you-can-drink "Jiffy Wine" which was red wine made from an instant wine mix. The show was a success that attracted nearly three hundred, until rapper DVS shows up (called DVD by Ricky) and pulls a gun out, demanding royalties for music stolen by J-Roc. By the end of the episode, DVS not only forgives J-Roc, but becomes, in effect, his manager.

* Growing weed in an abandoned trailer, then later in Bubbles' tool shed. The plan is set back when Bubbles' tool shed burns down (thanks to Ricky, Cory and Trevor's very poor wiring) and destroys the crop. The boys ultimately sell the weed to prison guards for sale in jail. Ironically, they end up smoking their own product when the plan lands them in jail at the end of the season.

* Ricky and Julian grow weed in 4 fields and plan to sell it to dealers in Moncton. They attempt to disguise their scheme by stealing a propane truck, fixing it with old license plates, emptying the propane out and selling it for money then packing in the weed. The plan technically worked - the deal went through - but Cory and Trevor were tricked by Barb Lahey into giving her the money (save for the following: a new car, Lucy's breast augmentation and a peace bond against Ricky; of which, only the breast augmentation survives the fifth season).

* Ricky using kids to help them steal barbecues in an attempt to resell them - Ricky calls it "remaketing". As minors the kids are protected under the young offenders act. The plan fails when one of the kids' parents, who happens to be a police officer, catches them trying to hide the barbecues in the lake. Cory and Trevor end up taking most of the heat.

* Stealing Christmas gifts from cars in the mall parking lot and re-selling them in front of the church on Christmas Eve. Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, J-Roc, Tyrone, and Cory and Trevor get past the mall security guards by wrapping up the crowbars used to pry open car trunks as giant decorative candy canes.

* Running a rub-and-tug in Julian's tinfoil covered trailer in the outskirts of the park, complete with furnishings stolen from a local motel and a government building. Half of the furniture is wrecked, because they used a garbage truck to steal the furniture, and Trevor accidentally switched on the compactor. Despite the fact that Cyrus breaks up the event, J-Roc takes the rap for the boys by claiming responsibility and getting arrested. J-Roc does this he can get pictures of him getting arrested for his album cover and add to his "street 'cred" for the album release. This allows the boys to get away with forty dollars after paying Tyrone and the tuggers their share of the money (it is then suggested they spend this on food). Cory and Trevor are pressed into service wearing latex gloves as there are not enough 'hoes. Sarah gives them the gears for "jacking off guys."

* Julian's plan of stealing many gumball machines, removing the quarters and playing as many Video Lottery Terminal (VLT's) as possible. After that they collect the payout slips, get them photocopied and drive from one corner store to another cashing the fraudulent tickets throughout the year. Unlike many of the boys plans, this one seemed to work out well for them.

* Julian and Ricky steal copious amounts of hash from some acquaintances (Terry and Dennis, who were business associates of Cyrus, unbeknown to Ricky), and use it to pave Ray's driveway, so as to hide the evidence (which worked, until Jim Lahey tricked Cory and Trevor into revealing the scheme). Then, Ricky attempted (unsuccessfully; he did manage to get a custodial position) to enrol in a vocational school, in order to sell hash to students (they would give him an order, leave money in their lockers, and that night Ricky would deliver the product). The plan was working, but Lahey bailed Cyrus, Terry and Dennis out of jail, and they caused a major gunfight (which the Boys had no intentions of starting, but Cory and Trevor missed that cue). The Boys (including Cory and Trevor) excluding Bubbles all received months of jail time (though, through the bulk of the gunfight, Ricky was technically dead from a heart attack, and Cory and Trevor injured from gunfire), and Cyrus and his goons each get 20 years.

* Ricky and Bubbles steal meat and sell it in parking lots. However, this scheme comes to a halt after Bubbles gets stranded in a Meat freezer for 3 hours, and Julian has to break into the store to save him. It is this scheme that is used to explain what happened to Cory and Trevor at the beginning of season 7.

* Using the Patrick Swayze Express, a model train that Bubbles stole from a model train convention in Maine and model train tracks laid by Jacob Collins, Julian and Ricky send several hundred pounds of pot to Sebastian Bach from New Brunswick, across the border and into Maine. Once there, Sebastian Bach sent back over $250,000 US worth of cigarettes, which would be sold in the trailer park. The plan itself worked (and made them nearly $450,000 US; enough for them to retire at the end of the season), but Mr. Lahey (having forced this information from Jacob Collins son of Philadelphia Collins), American park rangers (having been alerted by Ricky's campfire and discarded cooler), and the FBI (having been tipped off by Conky) all catch them. Since none of them have any direct evidence of the drug shipment, they can charge them with very little. Ricky chooses to be arrested by the park rangers, who charge him with endangering the well-being of beavers (and sentence him to either 30 days or $500; Ricky chooses the jail time, as Ray is also being incarcerated in Maine). While in Jail, Ricky gets his Grade 11 and Ray gets his Grade 9. Lucy gives birth to Randy's child and Jacob and Sarah fall in love and the season ends on a happy note with all characters hanging out together in the trailer park.

* Stealing a fortune in loose change from a movie theater, serving as the main plot of "". Unlike most of their plans, the Boys actually succeed, despite being arrested by the police. When the prosecution fails to prove that the loose change found in the Shitmobile actually came from the movie theater, the court orders the money returned to the Boys.

Despite these failures, the boys have made some successful ventures into making money. Bubbles recently made a legitimate business in his tool shed called "The Kittyland Love Centre," a daycare/spa/amusement park for cats. It has scratching posts, litter boxes, plenty of food, and, of course, Bubbles as the centre's owner and sole employee; at the end of season 6, Kittyland was doing very well ("Booming," as Bubbles described it). Cory and Trevor have opened up a convenience store (which they spell "convenients store") at the park where they sell gum, single cigarettes, corn chips, popcorn, chicken chips, counterfeit DVDs and Doritos, much to the delight of Ricky. During one stint in jail, Julian nets 8k by selling homemade vodka to inmates. Sarah and Lucy also operated a successful hair salon business in the trailer park.

*The final episode of one of the seasons is the only one that shows Ricky clean-shaven (when he is sitting in jail with Julian).

*When Ricky is called 'Reveen' it's actually a reference to a magician named Peter Reveen. They share a slight resemblance.

East Coast Music Awards

The Trailer Park Boys hosted the 2006 "East Coast Music Awards" as Ricky, Julian and Bubbles (in character). Bubbles performed his single "Liquor and Whores"."Liquor and Whores" actually has the same melody as a song he sings while drunk in season 4 episode 1. The lyrics are "Fuckin' Randy's gut, is full of dirty little cheeseburgers" and "Kitties are so Nice".


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