Allen (surname)

Allen (surname)

Allen is a surname, and may refer to many people. It is reported as #27 in a list of common surnames in the USA [ [ 100 Most Common U.S. Surnames - Common Last Name Meanings, Origins, and Family Trees ] ] . It is of Scottish origin, coming from "aluinn" meaning handsome [ [ ALLEN - Surname Meaning | Origin for the Surname Allen Genealogy ] ] .


*Alexander Viets Griswold Allen (1841–1908) American Episcopal theologian
*Andrew Allen (1740–1825), representative to the Continental Congress
*Andrew M. Allen (b. 1955), American Astronaut


*Benjamin Allen (politician), Canadian politician
*Bernadette M. Allen, U.S. diplomat
*Bernard Allen (Irish politician) (b. 1944)
*Bernard Allen (U.S. politician) (1937–2006)
*Bob Allen (b. 1958), Representative of District 32 in the state of Florida.
*Bob Allen (baseball shortstop) (1867–1943), American baseball player and manager
*Bob Allen (baseball outfielder), a major league baseball outfielder (1919)
*Bob Allen (baseball AL pitcher), an American League pitcher (1961–1967)
*Bob Allen (baseball NL pitcher), a National League pitcher (b. 1937)
*Bob Allen (basketball) (b. 1946), American basketball player
*Bobby Allen (b. 1978), American hockey player
*Bradley Allen (b. 1971), English footballer
*Bruce Allen (physicist) (b. 1959), American physist; director of the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics
*Bruce Allen (manager), Canadian manager of musical artists
*Bruce S. Allen (b. 1950) American physician; Consul of the Principality of Liechtenstein
*Bryan Allen (ice hockey) (b. 1980), Canadian hockey player
*Bryan Allen (hang glider) (b. 1952)


*C.J. Allen, British sculptor
*Clarence Allen (geologist), member of the National Academy of Sciences
*Clarence Emir Allen (1852–1932), U.S. Representative from Utah
*Clarence Ray Allen (1930–2006), American prison inmate who was executed by lethal injection
*Clive Allen (b. 1961), English footballer


* Daevid Allen (b. 1938 as Christopher David Allen), Australian musician, founder of Soft Machine and Gong
* Dave Allen, one of several people including
**Dave Allen (comedian) (1936–2005), Irish comedian
**Dave Allen (vocalist), vocalist for NOFX
**Dave Allen (producer/bassist), producer, and bassist for Gang of Four, Shriekback
**Dave Allen (bassist), bassist for Glassjaw
**Dave Allen (guitarist), vocalist and guitarist for Hal
*David Allen, one of several people including
**David Allen (cricketer), the former cricketer
**David Allen (author), a productivity trainer and the author of the book "Getting Things Done"
**David Allen (game designer), the creator of the "Mordor" and "Demise" computer games
**David W. Allen stop motion animator, visual effects artist, director of "The Primevals"
**David Allen (football), an American football player for the St. Louis Rams
**David Allen (radio DJ), a DJ on BBC Radio Solent
**David Allen (Internet entrepreneur), owner and administrator of Democratic Underground, an American political website
*Dayton Allen
*Debbie Allen
*Dennis Allen (1939–1995), English footballer
*Dick Allen, Major League Baseball first baseman/third baseman


* Ethan Allen, early American revolutionary
* Ethan Allen (armsmaker), American armsmaker
* Elizabeth Anne Allen American actress


* Fanny Allen, American nun and nurse
* Frances E. Allen, US computer scientist, recipient of the Turing Award
* Frank Allen, Freelance Computer Programmer
* Fred Allen, American comedian
* Frederick Lewis Allen, American historian and editor


*Gavin Allen, Australian rugby league footballer
* George Allen, one of several people including
**George Wigram Allen (1824–1885), Australian politician
**George William Allen (b. 1860), Canadian Member of Parliament
**George Venable Allen (1903–1970), American diplomat
**George Allen (football) (1918–1990), American football coach
**George Allen (hockey) (1914–2000), American hockey player
**George Allen (U.S. politician) (b. 1952), Former U.S. Senator from Virginia
**George Allen (athlete), football player for the Houston Oilers
*Gracie Allen, American comedienne
*Graham William Allen
*Grant Allen


*Hank Allen, Major League Baseball outfielder
*Harry Allen


*Irwin Allen
*Ira Allen


*James Allen
*Joan Allen
*Joel Asaph Allen
*John Allen


*Karen Allen
*Kate Allen
*Keith Allen (b. 1953), Welsh comedian, actor and writer
*Kenton Allen Television producer at BBC
*Kevin Allen
*Krista Allen


*Larry Allen
*Laurie Allen, a Manitoba judge
*Les Allen (b. 1937), English footballer
*Lew Allen
*Lily Allen (b. 1985), English singer-songwriter


*Malcolm Allen, one of several people including
**Malcolm Allen (swimmer) (b. 1973), Australian swimmer
**Malcolm Allen (footballer) (b. 1967), Welsh footballer
*Martin Allen (b. 1965), English footballer
*Marcus Allen
*Mel Allen


*Neil Allen


*Oliver Allen (footballer) (b. 1986), English footballer


*Patrick Allen, British actor
*Paul Allen, one of several people including
**Paul Allen, Microsoft founder
**Paul Allen (footballer) (b. 1962), English footballer
*Peter Allen (1944–1992), Australian songwriter and singer
*Peter Anthony Allen, British convicted murderer
*Philip Allen, Baron Allen of Abbeydale, British civil servant


*Ralph Allen, one of several people including
**Ralph Allen (1693–1764), post-master, builder, philanthropist
**Ralph Allen (journalist) (1913–1966), Canadian journalist, editor and novelist
**Ralph Allen (painter) (b. 1952), Haitian painter
*Ray Allen
*Red Allen
*Richard Allen (Reverend)
*Richard Allen (author)
*Richard V. Allen
*Robert Allen (general) (1811–1886), American general
*Robert G. Allen (1902–1963), US Congressman from Pennsylvania
*Robert G. Allen (author)
*Rod Allen (advertising executive)
*Roger MacBride Allen
*Ron Allen, Canadian musician
*Ron Allen (baseball), Major League Baseball first baseman
*Rosalind Allen, Scientist
*Roy George Douglas Allen, English economist and mathematician
*Russell Allen, singer
*Ruth Allen (singer)

*Shirley Allen
*Steve Allen, one of several people, including
**Steve Allen (comedian)
**Steve Allen (LBC radio presenter)
*Sture Allén


*Tim Allen
*Timothy Allen (b.1971) English photojournalist
*Timothy F. H. Allen (b.1942) British botanist
*Tom Allen


*Viola Allen


*William Allen (disambiguation)
*William Cardinal Allen
*Woody Allen

ee also

* Allenby
* Van Allen



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