Meees (Welsh for Baaas, as in the voice sheep make) is a Welsh language children's television show from Wales. It is about a family of multicultural opera-singing sheep, played by performers in sheep costumes. It is shown on S4C, the Welsh equivalent of Channel 4. 52 episodes over two series of the 15-minute show have been made.



The family run their own recycling plant from their home at Acropolis Cottage, and are headed by Costas, a male sheep from Greece, who is married to Baalwen, a black Welsh sheep, whom he supposedly met in a Milanese choir. The couple live with their daughter, Meegan, her partner, Meelvyn and their twins called Jaason and Meedea (named after Greek mythological figures also featured in opera).

Many of the names in this series have an "ee" or "aa", to reflect the sheep's bleating sound.

Show history

The show was first broadcast in 2005, and later in that year went on to win a Bafta Cymru for the Best New Media TV or Film Related.[1]

In April 2006 the rights to air the show were purchased by Al Jazeera, the Arabic news network, after Sheikha Mozah, the wife of the Emir of Qatar and channel founder supposedly "fell in love with" them. In Arabic iit is known as 'آل ماااع'[2]

An English language version of the show is now in the planning stages, in part written by former The Housemartins guitarist Stan Cullimore.[3]


  • Director: Helen Sheppard
  • Producer: Nia Ceidiog, of Cynhyrchiadau Ceidiog Creations

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