Space Goofs

Space Goofs
Space Goofs
Genre Comedy
Format Animation
Created by Jean Yves Raimbaud
Philippe Traversat
Starring Maurice LaMarche
Charlie Adler
Jeff Bennett
Danny Mann
Michael Sicoly
Billy West
Opening theme Monster Men by Iggy Pop
Country of origin France
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 (103 segments)
Executive producer(s) Marc du Pontavice
Production company(s) Gaumont Film Company
Gunther-Waul Productions
Original run 1997 – 2005
Followed by Oggy and the Cockroaches
Related shows The Gravediggers Squad

Space Goofs (France/Quebec title: Les Zinzins de l'espace, UK title: Home to Rent, German title: Ein Heim für Aliens, Italian title: Space Goofs - Vicini Troppo Vicini, international title: Stupid Invaders) is a French animated series produced by Gaumont Film Company, Gunther-Waul Productions and Xilam for France 3 that first aired in 1997. It was airing, in Quebec, on Télétoon. In the UK, it premiered on Channel 4 under the name Home to Rent and it also premiered under its original moniker on Nicktoons UK on 5 November 2005 at 9:30am. It also aired as part of the Fox Kids lineup on Fox in the United States.

The series also served as the basis of an adventure game titled Stupid Invaders.



Five extra-terrestrials from the planet Zigma B, Etno, Gorgious, Stereo, Candy and Bud go on a picnic together in space. However, their spaceship crashes into an asteroid, and they fall to planet Earth. They realise that if any human finds out that they're aliens, they could be experimented on, so they take shelter in a house for rent.

The aliens have two goals: return to their home planets and chase away anybody who tries to establish themselves in the house.


  • Etno Polino: Short and purple with red lips and a big nose, Etno is the brains of the group. A scientific genius, he creates all sort of machines. In the original French version, he speaks with an English accent. Etno's voice was done by Maurice LaMarche. As a coincedence, LaMarche was also the voice behind the character of "The Brain" from Pinky and the Brain and Animaniacs, some fans say they chose LaMarche for the right reasons because of this role
  • Bud Budiovitch: Tall and orange with a three strands of hair, a long neck and big bloodshot eyes, Bud is lazy and naive. He acts as the teenager of the group which makes him somewhat adolescent. He is a television addict and spends most of the time sitting in front of it and drinking soft drinks. Like Etno, Bud is always the last one to panic in a situation. He always comes up with the best solution but most of the time no one will listen to him. Bud's voice was done by Jeff Bennett in Season 1, and Louis Garneau in Season 2.
  • Candy Caramella: Small and green with a wrinkled forehead and wearing a polka-dotted apron. Candy is the uptight neatfreak of the group. Candy's voice was done by Charlie Adler.
  • Gorgious Klatoo: Fat and blue with a heavy chin and a protruding tooth, Gorgious is the grumpy and brutal one. He is very greedy and his hobby consists of bullying the others and eating. Gorgious' voice was done by Danny Mann.
  • Stereo Monovici: Two-headed and red each head with a slightly long nose, Stereo acts as two people since each head has its own mind. "He" is pretty much the bookworm of the group, yet wastes his intelligence on the most useless information often. Stereo was removed from season two of the show because several viewers and even Xilam Studios described him as "a very weak character". Both heads are voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Episode list

Season 1

# Title
1 "Once Upon A Time Part 1"
Five aliens go on vacation together in Space, but their spaceship breaks down and they are left stranded on Earth. 
2 "Once Upon A Time Part 2"
The aliens take shelter in an old abandoned house and watch TV. 
3 "Venus Junior"
Etno tries to attract more aliens to go back to their planet. Unluckily, the aliens he summons are apparently no help. 
4 "One Minor Technicality"
The aliens are about to launch their space rocket to evacuate from a coming asteroid, but a neighboring boy prevents their only chance of evacuating but changes the asteroid's course. 
5 "Toon In, Drop Out Part 1"
The aliens are watching a cartoon on television and realize that the characters from the show are downstairs in the living room. 
6 "Toon In, Drop Out Part 2"
The aliens try to evacuate the cartoon characters 
7 "TV Connection"
When Bud is watching TV, a cartoon raccoon exits the TV and puts Bud in. Bud is apparently having a good time in the TV, and doesn't want to leave. But the other aliens decide to get him out anyway. 
8 "Showdown in Tiny Town"
Bud watches a Western Movie on TV and shrinks himself into a Western bug town. He becomes the sheriff of the town and even falls in love with a singer. 
9 "Old Mac Donald had a house"
Tired of tenants trying to move in, the aliens try to make the house uninhabitable, but its farm look attracts a farmer with his animals. To sort things out, the aliens team up with the animals to revolt against the farmer and his pig. 
10 "Bats In The Belfry"
A gang of bats take over the house. 
11 "You Can't Go Home"
An ancient elephant goes to what used to the ancient burial grounds: the Aliens' house. Fearing the state of the short-living elephant, the aliens try to make the elephant feel optimistic. 
12 "Clowning Around"
A couple of runaway clowns make a circus out of the Aliens' house. Etno is under the impression they are highly advanced human specimens. Fed up with those impractical jokers, Candy sends for the ringmaster to take them away. 
13 "Scouts Night Out"
A band of scouts move into the house. 
14 "Pink Rhinoceros"
The aliens try to expel a rock band, but Etno ends up forced to join the band, so the others drive the band out with country music. 
15 "Maybe Baby"
A baby tumbles into the aliens' house. Gorgious wants to eat him, while the others do experiments on him, which horrifies Candy. Finding the baby stinky, the aliens get him back to his mother. 
16 "Holiday Heave Ho"
Bud thinks that a coming Santa Claus is a red blob from last night's TV horror show. The aliens prevent him from going down the chimney, but still receive presents. 
17 "Short Changed"
Two robbers make a hideout of the aliens' house. The aliens don't have a clue what money is for when they see the robbers fighting over it. Shortly the robbers are arrested. 
18 "Backyard For Eternity"
Bud accidentally locks himself out of the house in the wet rain and can't get anyone to let him in. He tries all sorts of ways to get in without success and becoming desolate. 
19 "The Flyling"
Bud is so fixed to the television that everyone decides he must stop, but he is hopeless when doing something else. He aids an injured fly and brings it up until it becomes too much trouble for the others. 
20 "Bad Luck Blues"
A very unfortunate person enters the alien's house. His presence brings the aliens into their shortcomings. Bud counters the man with optimism. 
21 "No Account Art"
The aliens find Gorgious has been in his room for a long time doing artworks. The art critic Vladimir Zakarov loves the artworks, but takes credit for them. Gorgious tries to ruin the artworks before he confronts Vladimir. 
22 "Granny Go Home"
An old lady with her dog enters the aliens' house making an awful racket with her organ music. The lady proves to be tough to remove. Finally Etno convinces the lady to leave with an offer for a trip to the afterlife. 
23 "Buy Now, Pay Later"
A sneaky salesman sells Candy a useless tool. However the salesman causes chaos to make Candy buy more products until Etno confronts the salesman. 
24 "Toy Trouble"
As Candy attends to his melons, the neighboring children mistake him for a doll. In their house Candy takes plenty of abuse from them and their cat until he escapes along with a pink duck. 
25 "Gnome Alone"
The aliens see what looks like a gnome outside and try to catch it for a wish. The gnome seeing this as advantage, pools the aliens' resources while they remain ignorant of the fact he is a fake. 
26 "Rip Van Etno"
Bud accidentally knocks out Etno with a golf ball. Etno dreams of waking up 47 years later in a world ruled by roaches. When he wakes up, his priorities change. 
27 "Rebel Without a Brain"
The aliens try to help Bud who is developing an adolescence rebellion, by transforming into a human family. However Bud and his visiting friend become unbearable. 
28 "Time For a Change"
Tired of lowly tenants moving in, the aliens send themselves and the house into the 17th century. Finding the humans of that era no better than the ones after, the aliens travel back to the present. 
29 "Snoutra"
Candy's favorite singer Snoutra along with his wife and bodyguard move inside the house. Sick to death of his music, the others try to get rid of them. 
30 "Sweet Tooth Blues"
Candy tries to put Gorgious on a diet, but he doesn't take Candy's advice seriously, so the others take drastic action to snap him out of it. 
31 "Flora and Feast"
Etno gives Candy some alien plants for a flower growing contest, but Candy gives them an overdose of growth formula and takes more care of the plant than his daily duties. The plant then becomes a monstrous glutton. 
32 "Dingo Bingo"
Gorgious wins the lottery and following he builds a sky high apartment with his new money. The other aliens however try to win money too but have to work for Gorgious in order to do so. 
33 "We Robot"
Etno creates a robot to serve him. The other aliens are unhappy with him for not letting him serve them all. Pretty soon, the aliens work the robot to death and he wants to leave the house. 
34 "Neighborhood Watch"
The neighbor next door discovers the aliens in their house and tries to report them. When that fails, he tries to take photographic evidence of them. 
35 "Mother From Another Planet"
Candy's mother lands on the planet and the other aliens try to bribe her in order to use her spaceship. But it quickly turns into a Servant Race. 
36 "Spook to Rent"
A ghost is wrecking everything in the house. Bud tries to persuade the others that he's looking for something but they won't listen. 
37 "20,000 Feet Under Home to Rent"
38 "Bongo Park"
A new theme park is built outside the house - with a rocket ship. 
39 "Flashman Vs. Zork"
The aliens' next visiting tenant is none other than the famous TV star Flashman. Then his rivaling brother Zork arrives and battles with him. The aliens' only chance of removing them is to call their mother. 
40 "Pinball Planet"
When Gorgious cleans the toilet, he unleashes three troublesome genies. The genies go far enough to blow up various planets in the galaxy. In response Gorgious backfires one of their magics onto them. 
41 "Cassius Gorgious"
The aliens' house becomes a boxing center to face the heavyweight champion. When the aliens fail their attempts at removing him, they try taking his teddy bear for ransom. However the teddy bear also hates the boxer. 
42 "Busy Bees"
A beekeeper has moved into the house. Gorgious' attempt to remove the beekeeper only makes him successful to turn the house into a honey factory. The overworked bees soon leave to go on a hot-dog business. 
43 "Party Time In Hell"
The aliens find that their house has been made the doorway to hell, where people sign their souls to the devil. The aliens get banished to hell, but they make the devil take them back after they change the ways of the imps. 
44 "Our Ancestors the Humans"
Etno has constructed a time machine, but also has a huge debt. The aliens set the time machine to different eras, but there is no escape from the tax collector. 
45 "Timber"
The aliens move their house to get out of the noisy and dirty town. In the country every pesky creature hinders their attempt to enjoy their stay. In addition a crooked handyman and lots of beavers make their stay a torment. 
46 "Prison Pal"
The aliens' house turns into a prison which has cells, walls, and aggressive rats. Afterwords, the team up with another prisoner to escape. 
47 "The Pro"
Bolok moves in the house and destroys the aliens' garden gnomes. With this they have to get him arrested. 
48 "Dead Funny"
Stereo receives a comedian for his birthday. Which soon turns into comedy chaos for him and the others. 
49 "Zero Stuff"
Dr. Sakarin and his assistant are trying to destroy a planet which the aliens disapprove. 
50 "Small You Said?"
Because of Gorgious' bullying around small creatures, his Karma has him shrunk down with Etno's new shrinking machine. 
51 "Count Gracula"
A vampire moves in the house and bites Gorgious who soon bites the others turn into vampires. Following, the vampire tries to bite others but is a failure. 
52 "First Love"
A couple moves in. Later, they break up leaving the girl alone. So later, all of the aliens except Candy fall in love with her which Candy thinks is a spell. 

Season 2

# Title
53 "Operation Guinea Pig"
Bud gets a guinea pig which apparently has a mind of its own. The other aliens are amazed by his genius but Etno is jealous of him. 
54 "Don't Monkey with me!"
An escaped zoo monkey enters the Aliens' house. Gorgious the monkey's target to frame and torment. 
55 "Zero Gravity"
Etno launches the house into space hoping to get home, but it lands on the moon. They find out the hard way, that the moon is not real. 
56 "Macho Kung Fu"
Gorgious develops an obsession for Kung Fu, especially when Steve Wong arrives. Candy and Gorgious' clashing attempts to get closer to him make things worse. 
57 "Stupid Invaders"
The aliens get new neighbors that are really annoying. They try to make friends with these dwellers but accidentally reveal their true identities. 
58 "Musical Chairs"
The aliens finally get a rescue driver to take them back to their home planet. Only problem? One of them will have to stay. 
59 "Space Cruiser to the Rescue"
The aliens' favorite TV stars come out of the program and try to freeze them. Meanwhile, Etno tries to explain that they're just cartoon characters. 
60 "Madame Zelza"
A fortune teller, Madame Zelza moves in the aliens' house and tricks all the aliens except Etno into believing a superstition. Etno must then try to run Madame Zelza out of business. 
61 "Get off my Couch"
A psychiatrist moves in the aliens' home and gets them to change their ways. Soon Candy is acting calmer, Gorgious isn't eating, and Bud is acting mature. 
62 "The Thing from Beyond"
A tiny green space creature lands in the aliens' yard. Little do they know that the creature can copy itself. 
63 "Tired Big Time"
A man who hasn't slept in seven years moves into the aliens' home. The aliens can't deal with it though, because he sleepwalks. 
64 "Heavy Metal Madness"
A group of motorcycle riders zoom in the abandoned home of the aliens. They try to get rid of them by showing off their stunts. 
65 "Sir Yes Sir"
When a training officer moves in the house, Gorgious decides to help him, but it may involve eliminating Candy. Meanwhile, Etno and Bud try to find the source of a heat problem. 
66 "Crash Test Dummy"
A robot which is actually a crash test dummy moves in and persuades Bud to be the new dummy. 
67 "Which Witch is Which?"
When the other aliens forget Candy's birthday, a witch casts a spell on his friends to cheer him up. 
68 "Other World Champs"
Basketball players are playing a game downstairs and players keep getting injured. The aliens replace them all but when the fifth player is out they have to rely on a miracle aka Stereo. 
69 "Bollywood Aliens"
A Indian princess moves into the aliens' home. When Etno, sees her he falls in love with her but the other aliens want her out because it could blow their existence. 
70 "The Tunnel"
A very strange criminal moves in the house and is planning on digging a tunnel to rob a bank. Bud tries to get rid of him by joining him but soon forgets about the plan. 
71 "Meet my Cousin"
A wanted alien lands in the house and tells Candy he's his cousin. This excites Candy and lets him stay, but unfortunately, takes over the house. 
72 "Who's Who"
While trying out his latest invention, Gorgious' toe nail clipping causes time period overlaps resulting in the existence of multiple Etnos. 
73 "Pygmy Planet"
Etno accidentally summons a miniature planet with a couple of tiny aliens. The two pygmies cause trouble for the aliens until Gorgious disarms them. 
74 "You Drive me Crazy"
Candy is trying to get a driver's license but always fails miserably. Guilty, the other aliens try to bribe Candy's instructor. 
75 "A Dog's Life"
After Candy decides not to cook, she and the others decide to disguise as dogs for dog food, unfortunately Gorgious is trained to be the guardian dog and gets no food 
76 "Manga Mania"
A Japanese animated panda hides in the aliens' house. But when he stays for a while he upsets the aliens. 
77 ""
Bud becomes hooked to the Internet. When the other aliens find out about it they join Bud and can't even log off. 
78 "Journey to the Center of the Earth"
The aliens find the center of the Earth and hope to get home with the energy it has. Of course, this is going to be easier said than done. 
79 "Abracadabra"
A magician is doing tricks in the home of the aliens. But his assistant knows his tricks are fake. 
80 "Mummy's Boy"
Etno is on the verge of giving up trying to get home, when a big lady and her boy Norman overworked arrive. The aliens' attempt to get hold of Norman's getaway project only brings Norman and his mother closer to each other. 
81 "Soap Chick Number One"
Bud is into collecting soap chicks from soap boxes. However he is only missing one and when a new tenant moves in and apparently has the one Bud is missing, he (Bud) tries to steal it. Meanwhile, Etno tries to go back in time to get the soap chick. 
82 "Arctic Intelligence"
Because of a Bud's blunder that caused the town to freeze, the aliens are stuck as penguins. A scienist moves in studying penguin intelligence and thinks the aliens' make perfect specimens to examine. 
83 "The Alien"
The aliens are looking for a flight tester but can't seem to find one. Meanwhile, a young alien wishes to try, but the aliens think he's a human in disguise. 
84 "Be my Baby"
When Candy bans experiments in the house for Etno, he can't control himself. Meanwhile, a stork's child hatches and thinks Etno is his father. 
85 "S.O.S."
When Etno records a message to space, alien hunters get a hold of it. They then, kidnap Etno and demand to tell them the others. 
86 "The Collector"
A nerdy collector moves into the house and may have the aliens' space ship. Excited, they try to see if it's real in an attempt to go back to their home planet. 
87 "Be my Friend"
Candy comes across a diary of a little girl who used to live in the house and incessantly tries to summon the girl's old friend Maloo. When he does turn up, he spreads a pungent aroma due to his overgrown hair. 
88 "Time Traveler"
Etno uses a time period device to evolve a tadpole into a Neolithic human. Finding this specimen not very useful, Etno evolves him into a Cyber Age person. Their ticket to launching off Earth is lost. 
89 "Back to School Blues"
The aliens enroll in school. However, Etno doesn't like it because the teacher picks on him the most. 
90 "Remote Control Home"
Etno installs a robot in the house to set the others straight. But when Gorgious can't handle her anymore and breaks her, the robot starts taking over the house. 
91 "UFO"

A family of alien lovers move in and try to make contact with outer space. This excites the aliens and become friends with them but soon it gets out of hand.

Note: Stereo made another appearance in this episode. 
92 "Invisible Invaders"
The aliens are sick of dealing with tenants, so they become invisible. 
93 "Inside Gorgious"
Gorgious comes in contact with a virus that makes a bump appear on his head. Etno is determined to go inside him and destroying it once and for all. 
94 "Gorilla Island"
A lightning causes the aliens' departing ship to land on an island with inhabited by fierce gorillas. To the aliens' surprise the island is in the city zoo, but the gorillas have moved into their house. 
95 "Welcome!"
The aliens finally are on their way to their home planet. On the way they reprise old space ships. 
96 "Buffalo Blues"
An Indian and his buffalo move into the aliens' home. Trying to get rid of him, the aliens get sent back in time to the Indian's people. 
97 "24H"
Bud accidentally breaks the SMTV and permanently changes into a human. The others must then help their friend change back before it's too late. 
98 "The Alien King"
A space man is planning on going into space but lands in the aliens' home instead. Thinking he's on another planet, he makes the aliens bow and worship him. 
99 "Doodle"
Bud finds an old childhood doodle and raises it like his own. While the other aliens try to find its original artist. 
100 "Gorgious the 1st"
Gorgious wants to be the boss at something, since his friends are. That's when he meets a tough talking mouse who makes him the boss of the house. 
101 "Space Sailors"
The aliens decide to sail away from the city away from humans. Unfortunately, a lost at sea man and his cardboard girlfriend find the house and automatically move in. 
102 "Fairy Tale"
A wolf tries to eat the aliens. 
103 "The Invader Show"


Stupid Invaders

Stupid Invaders box art

An adventure game based on Space Goofs titled Stupid Invaders was released in 2000 by Ubisoft. The plot centers around the aliens and their attempts to return to space. All the main characters of the series are playable through the course of the game. The game is notable for deliberately rejecting or distorting some cliched aspects of the adventure genre; standard adventure game tactics such as picking up, talking to or interacting with anything encountered will often result in instant (albeit highly comical) death for the player character and the need to reload, for example, often with no warning.

Stupid Invaders was developed by Xilam for Windows and Mac OS, and ported to the Dreamcast by Titanium Studios.[1]

Airing history


  • France 3
    • 1st season (1997-1998 on the Minikeums show and 2008 on the Toowam show)
    • 2nd season (2004-2005 on the France Truc show)
  • Gulli



  • Télétoon as "Les Zinzins de l'espace" (cancelled)









Latin America

  • Magic Kids -1st Season
  • Jetix -2nd season


  • Panda Biggs (2011)


  • Radio Caracas Televisión

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