Nutty P

Nutty P

Anton Flanders (born February 23, 1985), better known by his stage name Nutty P, is a rapper and hip hop record producer from West London. He is best known for his unique production style and technique. Having won the Jump Off Producer contest in 2004 after successfully beating seven producers in a row at the age of 19 he has since collaborated and work with some of the UK’s hottest MCs, singer-songwriters.

He has collaborated with such acts as Professor Green, TY, Smiler, Wretch 32, Miss Baby Sol, Big Brovaz, Shola Ama, Naila Boss, J2K, Baby Blue, Doc Brown, Lowkey and Sway, Pyreli. In 2005 he released his first solo project The Adventures of Nutty P, which he described as "not an album or a mixtape, just something to enjoy"[cite this quote]. Currently working on his debut album "Lucid Dreaming". In 2008 Nutty P formed a ska, indie, hip hop band "La Rebla Fam" and became the font man alongside Suspence MC. 2008 also saw Nutty P ventured into the world of dubstep forming STINKAHBELL, a production duo with Enza. In 2009, Nutty P gained his first iTunes number 1 with Lowkey’s song "Long Live Palestine".

Nutty P performed at Glastonbury Festival 2010 with "La Rebla Fam" - productions for Smiler and Baby Blue have both been featured on the Ministry of Sound MCs UK compilation and play listed on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra.



  • "It's About Time" - Lyrical Rebelz (2001)
  • "818- Rebelizm" - Lyrical Rebelz (2003)
  • "The Golden Age & Reality" (2004) (unreleased)
  • "The Adventures of Nutty P" (2005)
  • "Back to the Future" - XIT (2006)
  • "The Musical: Road to Fame" - Nutty P & Baby Blue (2007)
  • "The Storm" - Inner Circuit (2007)
  • "Life Ain't Pretty When You're Ugly" - Lá Reblá Fam (2008)
  • "Escape From Neptune" (2008)
  • "An Emotional Victory" - Wordplay (2010)
  • "Stinkahbell vs. The World" - Stinkahbell (2010)


A list of some of Nutty P's production and features:

  • "Common Ground" by Black Einstein feat. Miss Baby Sol (Stinkahbell Remix)
  • "Heart Is Breaking" by Ty feat Sway ((Stinkahbell Remix)
  • "Jungle Skank" by JP Tronik (Stinkahbell Remix)
  • "Lonely" by Effie (Stinkahbell Remix)
  • "Run" by Baby Blue feat. Wretch 32
  • "Double Up" by Baby Blue feat Sean Star
  • "ENZA" by Smiler
  • "(Serious Time, I’m Lean, Ready Set Go)" by Daddys Girls EP
  • "An Emotional Victory" by Worldplay
  • "Start Moving" by Shameless feat. T. B.
  • "I Still Don't Care" by Baby Blue feat. Sway, Sincere, Pyrelli, S. A. S. & Bigz
  • "Stomp" by Doc Brown
  • "Never Coming Down" by Doc Brown feat. Yungun
  • "Smell the Tea" by Kulez
  • "Love Story 05" by Sway & Baby Blue
  • "London N.E.W.S." by Sway, J2K, Incisive & Baby Blue
  • "Raise Up" by Luc Skyz
  • "They Swear" by Mr. Drastick
  • "Come Dance with Me" by Lavinia J
  • "Holla at the Girls" by Big Cakes
  • "Everyday" by June
  • "Free Your Mind (Higher)" by Brie Boateng
  • "Blood, Sweat & Tears" by Lowkey feat. Klashnekoff
  • "Long Live Palestine" by Lowkey
  • "Fuck You" by Lowkey
  • "Alphabet Assassin" by Lowkey
  • "Soundtrack to the Struggle" by Lowkey
  • "Too Much" by Lowkey feat. Shadia Mansour
  • "Obama Nation, Part 2" by Lowkey feat. M-1 & Black the Ripper
  • "Anniversary (Fall in Love)" by Wretch 32 feat. Alex Mills
  • "I Predict a Riot" by Reveal

Lá Reblá Fam

They are a musically diverse group switching from ska to hip hop to indie to punk and then to reggae. They are known for their tongue in cheek writing style and energetic performances. They have at least 40 tracks written and ready to record and hope to have an E. P. released by the end of the year.

Band line-up

  • Anton Flanders - lead vocals, songwritter, rhythm guitar
  • Simon Spencer - lead vocals, songwritter
  • Jeff Ng - backing vocals, keyboard
  • Ben Stratford - backing vocals, lead guitar
  • Rob Hussey - additional vocals, bass guitar
  • Don Cortes - drums

Confirmed songs

  • A British Morning
  • No Ghetto
  • Appreciate
  • How Can I Love You (When I Hate Myself)
  • Fuck
  • Southern Discomfort
  • Cancer Daddy
  • Of My Own
  • Rat Race
  • Ex
  • Throwing Chairs

Lyrical content

The songs are sung in a traditional English accent. The subject matters vary from politics, alcohol abuse, relationships, parents and friends. A strong running theme throughout most songs is the city of London, which is used a back drop for social commentary.

Head of writing was just Nutty P and Suspence but since the bands formation, other members have been getting involved with writing.

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