Hiatus for greater petrosal nerve

Hiatus for greater petrosal nerve

Infobox Bone
Name = Hiatus of the facial canal
Latin = hiatus canalis nervi petrosi majoris, hiatus canalis facialis
GraySubject = 34
GrayPage = 142

Caption = Coronal section of right temporal bone. (Bristle in hiatus of facial canal labeled at upper right.)

Caption2 = The course and connections of the facial nerve in the temporal bone.
System =
Precursor =
MeshName =
MeshNumber =
DorlandsPre = h_11
DorlandsSuf = 12421952
A shallow groove, sometimes double, leading lateralward and backward to an oblique opening, the hiatus for greater petrosal nerve (or hiatus of the facial canal), for the passage of the greater superficial petrosal nerve and the petrosal branch of the middle meningeal artery.

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* Facial canal

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