Buck may refer to any of the following:
*Bucking by a horse, when the animal raises his hind end and kicks out with both hind legs.
*The male of various species of animal, including:
**some species of deer — see also blackbuck, Buckskin (leather)
***Buck Fever is the name given to the feeling a novice hunter gets. This meaning is also used as the title of Estradasphere's second album.
*A slang term for:
**A type of shoe
**African antelope
**a human male

**a sexually adventurous boy
**a dollar or similar national currencies (particularly in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, South Africa and United States)
**1 million dollars in Wall Street traders parlance
**The union of internal artistry and physical expression, as detailed by Lil C on So You Think You Can Dance?
**a repetition of an old joke, story, or fact, especially by email
**a chicken (bucker), from the sound a chicken makes
**a slight punch in the arm
**an aboriginal male
**A marker or button that indicates the dealer in the card game Poker
**'Pass the Buck' and 'The Buck Stops Here' also both refer to the Poker marker.
*A person's first name or nickname, most commonly found in the Southern United States.
*Buck (band)
*Buck-Tick are a Japanese rock band
* A buck converter is a type of electronics power supply
*To 'buck the trend' is to be an exception to a rule
*A popular term in America for an uncle. "Uncle Buck" after the Hollywood hit starring John Candy.
*The Beatty Buck was a very large white-tailed deer shot with a compound bow
*A kind of knife: Buck knife
*Buck Wild. Getting Buck Wild means going nuts, having fun, leaving your fears behind, and/or getting really drunk
*Development buck - sample sheet metal used for development in the automotive industry.



*Buck 65, is a Canadian hip hop artist
*Buck Angel, a female to male, pre-op transsexual porn star.
*Buck Henry, American actor, writer and director
*Buck Owens, American singer and guitarist
*Buck Rodgers, Former Major League catcher and manager of the Montreal Expos.

*James "Buck" Buchanan, the fifteenth President of the United States
*Lynn "Buck" Compton, platoon leader of Easy Company (Band of Brothers)
*Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser (born 1947), an American guitarist
*Chester "Buck" Weimer, American inventor of charcoal-filtered undergarments

*Carl Darling Buck, American linguist (1866-1955)
*Carrie Buck, unsuccessful plaintiff in Buck v. Bell, which upheld compulsory sterilization
*David Buck, British actor
*Detlev Buck (born 1962), a German film director
*Dudley Buck, U.S. composer (1839-1909)
*Frank Buck, an animal collector
*Frank Buck, a Tennessee politician
*Gurdon Buck, American Surgeon, performed first clinical photograph, contributed to numerous fields of surgery
*Jack Buck, St. Louis Cardinals, Hall of Fame broadcaster
*John Buck (born 1980), an American baseball player
*John E. Buck (born 1946), an American sculptor and printmaker
*John R. Buck (1835-1917), a United States congressman
*Joe Buck, an American sportscaster
*Julie Buck (born 1974), an American artist and photographer
*Pearl S. Buck, American novelist
*Peter Buck, guitarist and co-founder of R.E.M.
*Sir Peter Henry Buck, a prominent member of the Ngāti Mutunga Māori iwi
*Sir Philip Antony Fyson Buck, a British Conservative politician
* Robert N. "Rob" Buck, a North American guitarist and songwriter
*Samantha Buck, an American actress
*Travis Buck, an American baseball player
*Young Buck, an American rapper
* Robert McGuirty known as "Dirty" is Buck


*Buck, the main character in The Call of the Wild
*Buck is the name of a main character in the Video Game 187 Ride or Die'
*Buck Grangerford is the name of Huck Finn's friend
*Buck is the name of the briard owned by the Bundys on Married... with Children.
*Buck is also the name of a hospital worker in the film Kill Bill.
*Buck Cannon is the brother of 'Big' John Cannon in The High Chaparral
*Buck O'Brien is the name of a character in the film Chuck & Buck.
*Buck Rogers is a science fiction hero from the 1930s and 1970s.
*Buck (From Dusk Till Dawn) is a character from the film, .
*Buck Cluck is the father of the film version of Chicken Little
*Cameron "Buck" Williams is a character in the Left Behind series
*Frank Buck, American big game hunter and general hero in colonial Malaysia, played by Bruce Boxleitner in TV action series Bring 'm Back Alive, loosely based on the above real character
*General Buck Turgidson, a strategic bombing expert in the film played by George C. Scott
* Joe Buck is the name of the character played by Jon Voight in the film Midnight Cowboy
* Buck Russell is the title character portrayed by John Candy in the 1989 film Uncle Buck.

Places and geographical features

* Buck, East Drumore, Lancaster, PA, USA
* Buck Hill Farm Covered Bridge
* Buck Hill Cone, British Columbia, Canada
* Buck Hill Falls, Pennsylvania
* Buck Township, Hardin County, Ohio
* Buck, Luzerne, PA, USA
* Buck, Pentraeth, Isle of Anglesey, UK
* Buck, Uninc Summers County, West Virginia, USA
* Buck, Uninc Carroll County, Virginia, USA
* Buck, Uninc Wilkes County, North Carolina, USA
* Buck Hill Ski Place, MN

ee also

*buck and ball

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