Wacky Wales

Wacky Wales

Infobox The Goodies episode
name = Wacky Wales

number = 38
airdate = 3 March, 1975
(Monday — 9 p.m.)
director =
producer =
guests = Jon Pertwee as

"the Reverend
Llewellyn Llewellyn Llewellyn Llewellyn
Marcelle Samett as the

""Fan Dancer"
Alun Williams (as himself)

("the "Compere of the Ecclesiastical
Sevens Rugby Games
The Fred Tomlinson Singers as the ""Rugby Sevens Repressionists' players"

series = 5

Wacky Wales is an episode of the British comedy television series "The Goodies".


The Goodies receive an invitation, from the Reverend Llewellyn Llewellyn Llewellyn Llewellyn, to attend an Eisteddfod in Llan Dlubber in Wales.

When they meet the Reverend, they find that he is amazed that the Goodies want to eat and drink tea etc. He tells them that eating, drinking tea, and other such activities are sinful. The Reverend is with the Church of the Seventh Day Repressionists, and the church has disallowed anything that could even be remotely construed as fun.

When they comment on the fun there should be at the Eisteddfod, the Reverend states that the Eisteddfod is the "International Festival of Gloom". At this point, Bill is ready to leave and go home. Graeme, however, decides that the Goodies should stay, and remain as competitors in the Eisteddfod, and to be as entertaining as possible. As a consequence, they put on an enthusiastic display of entertainment, and they bring down the wrath of the Reverend on their heads. The Reverend decides to sacrifice the Goodies.

Before he sacrifices the Goodies. he leads his congregation in a devotional song, which just happens to be a well-known rugby song. The Goodies, recognising the song, throw themselves into singing in full voice. This surprises the Reverend. When the Goodies press this temporary advantage by pretending to be Welsh, the Reverend declares that he can't kill fellow Welshmen, tells them that his church worships the game of rugby union, and invites the Goodies to join them. Tim declines on the basis that they are Church of England. The Reverend claims that his is the greatest religion, and Tim challenges him to prove it. This results in the "Ecclesiastical Rugby Sevens" competition, in which various teams made up from churchmen from religious groups play against each other (one of the Seven Rugby teams is made up entirely of Derek Nimmos).

Eventually, the Seventh Day Repressionists win the tournament, and their celebrations are less than holy. Tim discovers that half of the Welsh rugby national team is playing with the Repressionists, and he disqualifies the team because they had brought in nonreligious players. The Repressionists take offence at being denied their rightful position as winners, and decide to use the Goodies as footballs in a rough informal game of Rugby.

The Goodies' experiences with the Repressionists have a weird and unusual effect on them all, and life is never quite the same again.


Quote 1 ::* Reverend Llewellyn Llewellyn Llewellyn Llewellyn: :::: "Fun? There's no fun at the eisteddfod:::: 'Eisteddfod' is an old Welsh word from the Old Welsh.:::: It comes from two words:::: 'Eistedd' meaning 'bored' — and 'fod' meaning 'stiff'".

Quote 2 ::* Reverend Llewellyn Llewellyn Llewellyn Llewellyn: :::: "A nice brisk rub down with a Brillo Pad".

Spoofs and imitations

* Eisteddfod
* Rugby sevens
* The 'team of Derek Nimmos' — Derek Nimmo was a British actor who was well known for his Ecclesiastical roles in "All Gas and Gaiters", "Hell's Bells", "Oh, Brother" and its sequel series "Oh, Father". Derek Nimmo also played the Reverend Green in a British television version of Cluedo).
* Lord Snowdon — who is seen taking photographs


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