Tuoba Shiyijian

Tuoba Shiyijian

Tuoba Shiyijian (zh-cp|c=拓跋什翼犍|p=Tuòbá Shíyìjiàn) (320-376) was the last prince of the Tuoba Dai and ruled from 338 to 376 when Dai was conquered by the Former Qin. He was the son of Tuoba Yulü (拓跋鬱律) and the younger brother of Tuoba Yihuai (拓跋翳槐), whom he succeeded in 338. In 340 he moved the capital to Shengle (盛樂) (near modern Holingol county (和林格爾) of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia). His grandson Tuoba Gui would go on to found the Northern Wei Dynasty.

Era name

* "Jianguo" (建國 jiàn guó) 338-376

Personal information

* Father
** Tuoba Yulü (拓跋鬱律)
* Wife
** Princess Murong, a princess of Former Yan
* Children
** Tuoba Shi (拓跋寔), the Heir Apparent (d. 371) [However, see Emperor Daowu of Northern Wei for problems with placing Tuoba Shi as a son of Tuoba Shiyijian. It may very well be that Tuoba Gui (Emperor Daowu) was a son of Tuoba Shiyijian, not a grandson (through Tuoba Shi).]
** Tuoba Shijun (拓拔寔君)
** Tuoba Han (拓拔翰)
** Tuoba Shoujiu (拓拔壽鳩)
** Tuoba Gegen (拓拔紇根)
** Tuoba Digan (拓拔地干)
** Tuoba Quduo (拓拔屈咄)

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