"Vortical" means pertaining to a vortex or to vortices. In fluid dynamics, the movement of a fluid can be said to be vortical if the fluid moves around in a circle, or in a helix, or if it tends to spin around some axis. Such motion can also be called solenoidal.

Vortical movement is characterized by non-zero curl:

: operatorname{curl} mathbf{v} e 0, where v is the velocity vector field of the fluid.

The curl of the velocity (at a specified point of the vector field) yields a vector which points in the direction around which the fluid is rotating.

ee also

* Hurricane
* vortex
* vorticity
* coordinate rotation
* Biot-Savart law


* Ting, L., "Viscous vortical flows" (Lecture notes in physics). Springer-Verlag 1991. ISBN 3-540-53713-9.

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* [http://mit.edu/vfrl/www/ Vortical Flow Research Lab] (MIT) -- Study of flows found in nature and part of the Department of Ocean Engineering.
* Kida, Shigeo, " [http://www.igf.fuw.edu.pl/IUTAM/ABSTRACTS/Kida.pdf Life, Structure, and Dynamical Role of Vortical Motion in Turbulence] ". National Institute for Fusion Science, Theory and Computer Simulation Center. (PDF)
* Marcos, C. de la Fuente, and P. Barge, " [http://www.blackwell-synergy.com/Journals/content/abstracts/mnr/2001/323/3/abstract_mnr4228.asp?journal=mnr&issueid=5690&artid=109036&cid=mnr.2001.1&ftype=abstracts&Inst=true The effect of long-lived vortical circulation on the dynamics of dust particles in the mid-plane of a protoplanetary disc] ".
* " [http://images.google.com/images?q=Vortical&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&safe=off&filter=0 Vortical] " images via Google.

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