Dawn FM

Dawn FM
Dawn FM
Broadcast area Nottingham
Frequency 107.6 MHz
First air date 28 March 2006
Format Asian
Owner The Karimia Institute
Website www.radiodawn.com

Dawn FM is a Muslim Community radio station, broadcasting from The Bobbersmill Community Centre, Nottingham. The station broadcasts to Nottingham and surrounding areas on 107.6FM, and also worldwide on www.radiodawn.com



Karmia Institute started Radio Ramzan which broadcasted only in the month of Ramadhan, this means that the company has experience in the radio industry. Radio Faza was the sixth of the fifteen original pilot Access Radio stations in the United Kingdom which paved the way for the full launch of community radio stations in 2005. Asian Women's Project and Karmia institute attained the radio license together, therefore broadcasting was shared between both companies. The Karimia Institute used to provide programming from 12:00 Thursday until 12:00 Sunday and the rest of the programming was provided by The Asian Women's Project (now broadcasting as Faza FM).

When the radio license expired Karmia Institute lost its bid to keep Radio Faza and full broadcasting of Radio Faza began by Asian Women's Project. However, Karmia Institute then applied for a new radio license and thus Dawn FM was finally live across Nottingham on 107.6FM. Dawn FM is the voice of the Sunni Muslim community across Nottingham.


Dawn FM (also known as Radio Dawn) broadcasts a range of programmes aimed at a variety of ages and backgrounds.

There are mainly speech-led programmes such as 'Salaam Nottingham'- which broadcasts every morning 8am-10am, also included are health shows, news and current affairs shows, politics shows, question and answer shows, and many more. There are also request shows, phone ins, interviews, discussions and features.

A variety of music styles are featured on the station, including Hamds, Naats, Manqabats, Qawwalis, and much more religious music which includes a range of inspirational lectures in various languages.

As Nottingham has a diverse Muslim population, Dawn FM broadcasts in a diverse mix of languages. However Dawn FM mainly broadcasts in Urdu, English and Mirpuri, with shows in Arabic and Somalian too.

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