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Richard Tylman

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Richard Tylman (by David Cooper, 2006)
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Richard Tylman (born January 30, 1952) is a Polish-Canadian poet and painter. Born in Kraków, Poland as Ryszard Tylman, he has lived in Vancouver, Canada, since 1982. Tylman received his Master's degree in Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków.


Tylman was the first of two children of Edward Tylman, professor of engineering from the Krakow University of Technology, and Danuta Krupa, college teacher of nursing. Tylman co-founded a student literary newspaper called “Skarpa” where he debuted his free verse poetry with an introduction by the Rector of Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts ("PWST"), and soon after, won the "Grand Owl" Poetry Award sponsored by the Jagiellonian University of Kraków. He received a Masters degree in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts ("ASP") and was chosen to represent Krakow at the national juried exhibition of paintings by the most prominent young professional icon [ Ryszard Tylman, biographical note] archived by Page reference image and text (since no longer available at source) were retrieved from a [*/ 2002 version of Wydawnictwo Nowy Świat Publishing webpage.] Internet Archive Wayback Machine also cached a number of different frame sets with publisher’s announcements. The information about Tylman linked from the section [ “Autorzy” ("Authors")] was accompanying the 2002 publication of his collection of Polish language poetry entitled [ "Koty marcowe".] Note: text displayed does not include Polish diacritics.] [pl icon [ Ryszard Tylman, the most recent biographical note by Wydawnictwo Nowy Świat Publishing,] based on a corresponding entry from the Polish edition of Wikipedia. The information no longer features extended personal details including earlier poetry book description, because the aforementioned publication is now out of print. Accessed 15-03-2008.] [ From the Catalogue to the National Exhibition of Paintings by New Artists] Wrocław, Poland, May 1980.] Following his graduation he worked as an arts instructor and theatre stage designer.

Tylman left Poland in 1981 and settled in Vancouver, where he pursued a career in graphic arts. He became a Canadian citizen in 1985.


While in Canada, Tylman continued writing poetry, articles and essays in Polish throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, publishing a volume of poetry called "Koty marcowe" ("The Felines of March") in Warsaw in 2002. He began writing poetry in English nearly a decade after becoming a Canadian citizen, and has self-published several limited editions of verse in English and Polish, including "Imaginary Lovers", "Living Inside the Moving Landscape", "Privilege / Przywilej", "Wax Poetics" and "Selections From an Old Shoebox".

Visual arts

In his early teens, Tylman became the youngest member of the Plastic Arts’ Club for adultspl icon Małgorzata Szymczyk-Karnasiewicz, “Mowa ojczysta nie spowszednieje mi nigdy” ("My mother-tongue will never lose its charm"), [ Głos, Tygodnik Nowohucki] , Kraków, 8 August 2003, nr 32 (644), p.9. ISNN : 1231-8582, index nr 358835; editor-in-chief Jan L. Franczyk. Reprinted by permission. [] ] at the DK HiL Community Centre in Krakow, Nowa Huta, and exhibited his first oil paintings in gallery group show. Following high-school he enrolled at the Krakow University of Technology Faculty of Architecture, encouraged by his father. However, within two years, it was clear he didn’t share his father's aspirations and in 1974, under the tutorage of professional artists Ewa and Ryszard Mrozowski, Tylman passed the entrance exams to the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts Faculty of Painting.

In opposition to the then leading trend toward post-expressionism in the Academy, Tylman maintained his artistic interest in hyperrealist painting. [ [ Gallery of paintings including Narrative by Richard Tylman.] ] He defended his Master's Thesis at the atelier of Prof. Andrzej Strumiłło in 1979. A year later, Tylman was chosen by the Association of the Polish Artists and Designers ("ZPAP") to represent Krakow in Wrocław, at a national juried exhibition of “the most distinguishable individualities among painters of the new generation”.Józef Hałas, “Waldemar Cwenarski National Exhibition of Paintings by New Artists,” BWA "Vanguard" Gallery, Wrocław, May 1980. [ See: excerpt from the Catalogue] ] [Translation from Polish: Józef Hałas, “Waldemar Cwenarski National Exhibition of Paintings by New Artists,” Ministry of Culture and Art, Board of Directors of the Association of the Polish Visual Artists (ZPAP) chapter in Wrocław; Art Exhibitions Bureau (BWA) "Vanguard" Gallery, Wrocław, May 1980.
Original: Józef Hałas, “Ogólnopolska Wystawa Malarstwa Młodych im. Waldemara Cwenarskiego.” Ministerstwo Kultury i Sztuki, Zarząd Okręgu ZPAP we Wrocławiu; Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych, Galeria "Awangarda", Wrocław, Maj 1980. Komisarz wystawy, redakcja, projekt plakatu i katalogu: Andrzej Pass. Redakcja techniczna: Grażyna Deryng. W.Z.Graf., Warszawa, ul. Oławska 11, Zam. 1134/80/G, 300, B-6.
] He was a set-design assistant at People's Theatre of Krakow ("Teatr Ludowy") as well as an arts instructor, before emigrating to Canada.

While in Canada, Tylman pursued a career in commercial arts as an airbrush illustrator. His illustrations have appeared on billboards, bus shelters, the covers of several corporate annual reports and in brochures. His work has been featured in advertisements published in newspapers and magazines such as "Time","Time", November 24, 1986, Vol. 128. No. 21, pp. 62-63.] "Time", December 8, 1986, Vol. 128 No. 23, pp. 8-9.] "Maclean's","Maclean's", December 1, 1986, Vol. 99 No. 48, pp. 54-55.] and "Chatelaine"."Chatelaine", September 1986, Vol. 59 No. 9, p. 165.] Amongst the corporations for whom he provided illustrations are Petro-Canada, BCTel, ["Business in Vancouver" Magazine [ (link to current issue),] June 18-24 1991, p. 7.] and the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, as well as Canadian Pacific Airlines"Time", May 19, 1986, Vol. 127 No. 20.] with Wardair,Advertising Supplement to "The Vancouver Sun", "The Calgary Herald", "The Edmonton Journal", The "Winnipeg Free Press", "The Globe and Mail", "The Ottawa Citizen" and "The Montreal Gazette", April 27, 1989; "The Toronto Star", April 29, and The "Financial Post", May 1, 1989. Printed in Canada.] Pacific Western Airlines with American Express,Ibidem: "Time", November 24, 1986, Vol. 128. No. 21, pp. 62-63. "Time", December 8, 1986, Vol. 128 No. 23, pp. 8-9. "Maclean's", December 1, 1986, Vol. 99 No. 48, pp. 54-55.] Energy Mines and Resources Canada,"The Official Guide to Expo 86." Published by "Beautiful British Columbia Magazine" with Expo 86 Corporation, Victoria BC, 1986, p. 5. ISBN 0-7726-0406-1.] Tourism British Columbia for Expo 86,"Feel the Excitement of Expo 86." Expo 86 Provincial Crown Corporation, Hon. Claude Richmond Minister Responsible, Vancouver BC, 1985, inside spread. D125A-185E 400M. Litho'd in Canada.] West Edmonton Mall, Tetra Pak, Sun-Rype, "The Province" and others.

Tylman was part of a team which received an Award of Excellence ( [ pictured here] ) at the 1991 Graphex competition in the category of illustration series for a series of illustrations provided by Tylman and used in a promotional campaign. [The 1991 Graphex competition of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia. [ See: Narrative by Richard Tylman to Gallery of paintings] ]




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*"Koty marcowe": The Felines of March (Warsaw: Wydawnictwo Nowy Świat, 2002) ISBN 83-88576-94-1


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(in English)
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(in Polish)
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* [ Richard Tylman Official Website]
* [ Paintings and Narrative by Richard Tylman]
* [ Poetry of Richard Tylman in Polish]

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